Do you sew buttons on with the yarn you used or

HI! I finally got down to the garment district and found some nice buttons for my sweater that’s been done for ages.
(I think the leather are the best choice, don’t you?)

Now, do you sew them on with the same yarn? Hm, that might not be possible if the button thingy is too little. What do you usually do all you sweater knitters? here’s 2 pix:

I will use the yarn if I have enough and it fits the buttons, but what I usually use is DMC thread, the kind you use for cross stich. It is 6 strands so I use two strands.
The reason I use that is, it is strong and there are a ton of colors. You can always find one that matchs!
I like the leather best also:cheering:

What I’ve done is cut off a length of yarn, maybe 12" and unply it, then use a single plys as the thread.

I usually use sewing thread that closest matches the button colour or I use the garment yarn if the button will accomodate it.
Like the embroidery thread idea though, if you have it to hand.
BTW, My Vote is the darker buttons.

If the buttons can handle it, I use the yarn. If not I also use embroidery floss. I think the dark ones look great and really do not care for the white ones at all.

Love the leather ones!

I use yarn. It blends in better IMO.

I also use the unplied yarn. You might want to test attaching the button to your swatch to ensure you have enough clearance (does the button have a shank?..if not, you’ll have to create one.). I also like the dark ones and that style usually has a shank…the lighter ones most likely not. Also, some yarns, once plied, may weaken and split as they’re being sewn. Something you can determine in the test.

If you opt for the leather, are you planning to dry clean the sweater? I don’t think any leather buttons can be wet (as in handwashing).


[SIZE=3]Swatch? oh dear. I didn’t do one. Sometimes I don’t. Anyhoo, thanks so much for the input. I don’t have needlepoint thread, it’s a good idea but I’m too lazy to go buy it esp if I can use the yarn. I hate drycleaning so I will wash it.
Since it was my first sweater for myself (I made one other sweater over 20 years ago for my dh)… I wanted really special buttons like hearts or something but in the end I figured the leather are nice and rustic like the yarn. I’ll see how the yarn fits the shank. Thanks everyone! [/SIZE]

I hate drycleaning so I will wash it.

To reiterate…just make sure the buttons can get wet. Most leather buttons can’t be and you’d have to attach them (along the lines of safety pins) so they can be easily dettached each time the sweater is washed. If sewn with yarn, the fibers will perhaps felt, or similar, over time making it tough to cut them off…and then sew back on…for each washing.

The shank will most likely accommodate the yarn…and your tapestry ndl. It’s the depth of the shank that you need to be concerned with…that it’s tall enough to comfortably fit the buttonband under the button.