Do you read ahead?

You know you should read the entire pattern before tackling the project, but do you? I must admit that I don’t and there’s been more than one time (yesterday alone) that I was surprised about something. Do you read your patterns?

I’m afraid to start if I haven’t read the whole pattern. Granted, I don’t need to UNDERSTAND the whole pattern before I’ll start. :roflhard:

Ditto CateKnits. I read and reread, and whatever I don’t understand, I just assume I’ll get it once I get there. [size=2]I’m not always right about that… [/size]

I like to make it up as I go. So I just look for the juicy bits and forge ahead.

I always read the pattern, then compare it to the chart if it has one, if not then I make one. Then… I knit a sample of the charted pattern with something cheap (as in, NOT angora or mohair). If it looks good, then I do the math and re-write the pattern to fit whom-ever I’m making it. And then knit another cheap sample, just to make sure that my math is correct.
If this sounds like a lot of work… I assure you, it’s cheaper than buying an entire yarn store.
If the pattern shows stitches to sizes, with a stitch gauge… PAY ATTENTION. These people are trying to HELP you. If you just can’t seem to match the gauge to your style of knitting, get a calculator, and do the math. Don’t tell me you can’t, there is plenty of help everywhere, just ask… I did.
Don’t be afraid to look at something that you tried SO HARD to get PERFECT, and hear a friend say "WOW ! that’s incredible, I didn’t know you could do that ! " Don’t tell them your “flaws”, they may never see it. Offer to show them how you did it, and pass knitting on.
Sometimes, only you can see the little boo-boo’s, so don’t be such a perfectionist. Just keep knitting, and it will happen… it will, and we’re all here to help.

BTW… I don’t think I ever made ANYTHING perfect. Beside, there’s an old Cherokee legend that says, “if anything were made perfect, only evil spirits would want it so they can compete with the Great Spirit”. Which is why all Cherokee creations are made with a flaw built-in. YOU may not see it… but it’s there.
KNIT ON !! :thumbsup:

Darn, I really thought this was about reading ahead in a book. :doh: I always read the last chapter of a book when I begin it. DH says I’m mental. I was hoping to find others like me. :wink:

And I’m with Cate. I read ahead even though half the time I don’t understand what I’m reading. But hopefully it’ll become clear when I get there.

Stephen King once said he wished he could require readers to write a brief summary of the story before he sent them the last chapter just to prevent this! :rofling:

If I have a pattern of a type I’ve never done before, I’ll skim it just to see what to expect. Any time there’s something that may be confusing, I know that it will be clearer when I get there, so I pull a Scarlet O’Hara and 'think about it tomorrah."

But I sometimes read patterns just for the heck of it–for entertainment.

I wanna be like Ingrid :notworthy:
and I’m NOT making funny
one of these days Lord, I’m gonna know… just a lil’ more, but not much more than I need to ta kep ahead…
is’nt that a quote?
KNIT ON !! :thumbsup:

It depends… due to my beginner condition… I read through it to see if I find something that I dont know how to do, if so I try to find how to do it and if it is “easy enough” I start it, otherwise I keep it with the ones I want to make but that will take more time. Hope my explanation makes sense… :doh:

it “your explanation” does and you “everything you tried to explain” do too,
no sweat, we all get it… because we all were there once or twice

get it?

Trucker–If I did it your way, I’d never, ever finish anything. In my heart I would have already ‘done’ the pattern and wouldn’t want to do it again. I’ll bet, though, that you make very few things that don’t fit! I can’t say the same. :rofling:

I edited to make this sound more in the realm of the English language. :oops:

either I’m confused beyond understanding,
or my mind is too rotted from ale at this
hour to give a deceased rodent’s rear-most
NOT ONLY THAT… BUT neener, neener, neener 'cause I’m more waxed than a surf-board

i look at a pattern to see if i can memorize it enough to wing it cuz i hate having a pattern cluttering up my purse (cuz it would get in the way of all the other crap cluttering it up! :rofling: ) now that i have my jordana bag there is a plastic slot that is meant to hold the patterns so i may start using that…maybe.

anyway, i like to look at a pattern and see if it has too much “stuff” going on before i consider starting it but i don’t do come close to doing anything that Trucker does…i think i saw the word Math in his discription. While i tease Kelly about her aversion to math, i think mine may be just about as bad! :rollseyes:


It’s not true dear Ingrid, I make many things that fit no one. How else to learn but make errors? BUT, once I know the mistake, then truth prevails.
The pattern shall out, and truth with it. Yea, and the know of it all.

GADS, I’m so full of crap! :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :thumbsup:

:?? Patterns… aren’t those the little pieces of paper with confusing symbols and abbreviations and stuff??? :rofling:
I can read patterns and charts, I just prefer not to use them. And when I do follow a pattern, no matter how thorough I am, there is always something that qualifies for ‘hand knit design feature’ status :wink: so I figure if I’m not using a pattern, I don’t have to worry about getting it wrong…

I too thought this was about books… I do not read ahead. :fingerwag: Shame on you bennie’sma :roflhard: :roflhard:

:XX: I acutally rewrwite it with my own words
its so easy to lose count
off to the clogs

Like stated earlier–I do read the whole pattern but it’s primarily to see if I actually know how to do all of the stitches required.

[color=blueviolet]I know exactly what you mean Brenda. That’s why just about all of my patterns are on my PDA. It’s just so much more efficient this way. I don’t have to worry about damaging my patterns or losing them. The only patterns that aren’t on my PDA are the FT patterns and I’m working on changing that. I wish they were sold as a download instead of on paper. It would make executing them so much easier and portable.

As for the poll question, if the pattern is written row by row, like most dishcloth patterns are, then I won’t read through it. If it’s written in paragraphs, like the FT Clog pattern, then I will read through it. If there is something really difficult in it I will rewrite it so it’s easier.[/color]

For me, it depends on complexity. If it is a simple sweater or legwarmers or something, I won’t bother because whatever comes up is unlikely to throw me but if I am trying something new (like socks for instance, I have never made socks) I’ll read through the pattern. Not necessarily understand it, but read through it :lol: