Do you notice knit stuff in movies?

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know how you immediately begin noticing other pregnant women?

I am not pregnant, by the way, but ever since I began knitting a few months ago, now whenever I watch movies, I find myself zeroing in on anything I think may have been hand knitted. I sit there wondering if it was, what kind of yarn they used, whether the actor/actress knitted it themself, etc. Does anyone else do that, or am I just weird? (that last part is a rethorical question, by the way :mrgreen: ).

I do!!! I just watched Warm Springs, an HBO movie about FDR. Ellenor was knitting. It’s wierd how you never notice until you knit. :smiley:

Meee tooo!! :cheering: And I notice fellow knitters in public too, not just movies… :wink:

I do too!
But even more worrying was when I stopped dancing at a club cause there was a girl with a georgeous shawl!
[I think it was some kind of leave pattern :thinking: ]

or at a reggae concert when the rasta next to me wore a huge tam…
…stop it, you don’t know anyone who would need such an enourmous tam, so you don’t need to find out how it was done!

Atleast with movies there’s nobody who can get offended by my stares :lol:

Speaking of which … I’m watching Hellraiser: Hellseeker. At about 12 minutes into the movie, there’s a lady knitting on the bus!! Knitting in a horror movie … who’da thunk it? :smiley:

One of the actors in Jeepers Creepers 2 (A GUY ;)) also knits!! He knit a cap for his fellow actor who played the monster in the movie. (I found that out when I watched the dvd commentary giggle)

Whoo-hooo :cheering:

Thank goodness! I thought I was the only one.

I followed a woman down a few aisles of the grocery so I could see the shawl she was wearing up close. I stopped before I could get a good look because she started giving me weird looks. Probably thought I was stalking her. :oops:

I would have asked her who made it for her…and struck up a conversation about it.

I notice so many more handcrafted items now that I am a knitter. I love finding out the history behind the item in question. It is interesting to me to hear if it was made for them, of if they bought it at a church bazaar, etc…

I am getting brave in my knitting, I think I may be ready to tackle a simple tank soon…

LionBrand has the monster-in-Law poncho on the new newsletter, it isn’t exact, but it is close.

Yes, I would have stopped her and asked too! I’ve been known to whip out my cell-phone camera and ask folks if I can snap a picture of a very inspiring design. :blush:

Knitting in Horror movies, hey EKG? That’s an interesting combo! It’s hard to imagine getting afraid and into a horror scene while being distracted: “I wonder what kind of yarn that is.” “I wonder if DH would like a hat like that.” I’d be like “Oh, yeah, and ‘eek this is scary.’ Are those bamboo needles?” LOL

Well … :oops: … as the movie progressed … um … the knitting became ugly … ew! All I can think was … "those needles need a good bleaching!!! " :shifty:

i notice alot of knitting since i started… everyday i watch "Judgeing Amy"
on TNT network… and i notice that Tyne Daly is ALWAYS knitting on the show… mostly in round

also when i went to the movies saturday with my sister (we went to see madagascar ) and in the previews atleast 2 of the movies they were previewing had knitting in them… i rememeber because i poked my sister in the ribs so hard she almost spilt her popcorn lol

was intersting!