Do you make your sleeves one at a time or both together?

I was just wondering. I make both my sleeves at the same time. My mom always did it that way and I figure if I’m going to flub a row or miss an increase that I will do it the same on both sleeves. :shrug: I know both my sleeves will come out the same.

What do y’all do?


I usually knit them both at the same time, but not on the same needle. Makes them look the same, I knit a bit on the one and a bit on the other. They end up looking like then.

I always knit them both at the same time, or I’d never make the second sleeve. :teehee: I put a marker between them to remind myself to work the second sleeve rather than just turn and work back on the one.

I make them one at a time because that’s the only way I know how…


But I am still on my first project with sleeves, so perhaps I will learn a new technique for the next sweater.

Always make them both at the same time, i hate counting and recounting. I do the same with socks and pant legs too. :hug:

That’s how I do it too. Once I forgot to use the marker and got several inches ahead on one sleeve. I :shrug: :shrug: don’t know where my head was that day.

I knit both sleeves at the same time and also knit cardigan left and right front at the same time. I use a marker on one of the fronts to remind me to reverse the shaping.


I knit them one at a time :oops: I like to knit them singularly because I do a lot o KIPing, and they’re just more portible (and they all don’t fit on the same needle)

Holy smokes!! It never occurred to me to do them both at once. See, ya learn something new every day! Thanks! :happydance:

my mom told me it’d be easier to do both at the same time, and since she learned me how to knit, I followed her advice. I like to knit them at the same time, for I’ll be sure they look the same.

I make mine together, because, like Ingrid, I’d never do the other one if I didn’t.

yup! it’s the only way to fly! :cheering:


Will some of you smart women explain how to make 2 at the same time? :muah:


Pretty please with champagne on top?

Well, I’ve never done them, but that’s the way I plan on doing it when I start making sweaters. I’d simply apply what I’ve learned from knitting socks 2-at-once.

You’d use 2 balls of yarn and a slightly longer circ (at least 24-29 in.), cast on for each and go from there. Mirror the shaping. If they were done in the round, I’d use the Magic Loop method.

Everything else would probably depend on the pattern. :shrug:

Check out this site:

I’ve never made anything that has separate sleeves. Please, to explain how do you make both at once :teehee: :??

Nadja xxx

You cast on the required number of stitches for the first sleeve with one ball of yarn and then cast on for the second sleeve with a second ball of yarn. Then you follow the directions for the increases/decreases for the sleeves first on one and then the other. You work across both sleeves at the same time and when you are done you have both sleeves. The only trick is to keep the 2 balls of yarn from getting tangled.


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Thanks everyone!!
losnana, :muah: for the link to the magic loop tute. I’ve just finished one wallaby and I’d love to try both sleeves at once for the next one.

KH comes through again. Again, thank you.

WOW! Thanks for explaining that. It sounds so simple. 1 more thing. Is this done on 2 circs or magic loop, or can you do it on either?

Nadja xxx