Do you knit at the puter?

I was just wondering if any of you guys knit while at the computer…like between loading screens, if it ever happens, or perhaps while waiting for replies here at the forum. I don’t seem to get enough knitting done and I am considering starting this…and if I can get my eyes away from the actually knitting, then maybe I’ll take more walks and knit while I walk :slight_smile:

Of course I do. That’s where I keep the vast majority of my music.

I don’t really know how to vote. My computer is fast, so for regular stuff I can’t, but there have been times, like when I loaded my camera program and had to recheck things, I’ve knitted between screens.

If I’m sitting on the lounge with my trusty laptop, I’m usually watching a movie or cable TV, and probably knitting, crocheting, tatting whatever…

So yes and no… :smiley:


Ohhh, I’m way too uncoordinated for that.

I wouldnt exactly say its ABSURD to knit at the computer, but my connection is pretty zippy and I am always talking to YOU guys when I need a quick knitting break!

My desk chair is one of two chairs in my room, so I often knit while sitting at my desk, though not actively using the computer.

When I was first learning, I knitted at the computer all the time because I was just making a scarf and I kept the skein of yarn and the scarf, while I wasn’t knitting, behind the laptop.

I really should knit in my other chair since it’s much more comfortable… but then I couldn’t control my music as easily.

I do all the time, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the computer is how I learned :slight_smile: First here for the basic knit and purl (and I am surprised that they still work after the number of times I replayed them!)

Then, right after I learned those two stitches, I made Silvers socks and needed to follow each each stitch and had to have the pattern on the screen for weeks. I think it’s more habit now than anything else, but I like (and would rather) to have the pattern on the screen rather than printed.

I Wish the FT clogs could be have been downloaded rather than printed on that awful blue colored card stock. That is part of the reason mine still aren’t finished :frowning: With the problems I have been having with my eyes, it’s really hard for me to read the pattern.

Sorry for the novel, I seem to be getting carried away a lot lately here.

I’m doing it right now:)
I’ve got dialup, so I do have to wait sometimes, depending on the pages. And if I’ve got nothing else to do, and I’m just sitting here, knitting gives me something to do:)


OOh!! Sounds yummy–I’d love to…but I don’t have a laptop and I just can’t knit in here where the computer is. I want to move it into the “sitting room”. We don’t have a den…or a living room–one or the other–we have ONE ROOM in which to sit and watch tv, and when company comes–they’re walking right into it. So, I TRY ( and fail) to keep it sorta kinda picked up and dusted, but it rarely happens we have company when I’ve done either. If I only had a laptop–THEN I’d knit, watch tv AND compute!
Alas, I do not have one, and I don’t have room for this desk and PC in there where we LIVE!! :XX:

I do now that I have a laptop. Especially when I am in my favorite nite time chat. Most of us in that particular location wind up knitting, so its like a virtual knitting circle.

Yes, but only when I’m reading something or chatting. I’m studying computer science and a number of lecture notes are online for us to read.

I prolly would but ours is so speedy there isn’t any time… so when I take a break I come in here… Do any of you talk on the phone and knit? I do that all the time :rollseyes: is that rude??

I knit at the computer when I’m chatting. But mostly it’s when I’m watching Amy’s video’s. The first hat I made…I had to watch the kitchener stitch video a gazillion times (and ask beldie for help too) and I finished the hat here at the computer. It’s been so long since I’ve done that stitch now…that I’m sure I’ll be doing it next time too.

I do, because I do the majority of my knitting while sitting at work…four monitors, two keyboards, one radio…


I have knitted at the computer… but ONLY when I was doing an audio/webcat. Our connection is too fast to do it otherwise. I get most of my knitting time when I go to my LKG n Wednesday nights.

Lately, Joel, it seems like you spend a lot of time changing your avatar! :wink: :rofling:

I use the scanner here at school ALOT and it very slow in between pages, so what else is there to do but :XX: :XX: :XX: