Do You Keep A Knitting Journal?

How many of you keep a knitting journal? What information do you keep in your journal? Did you buy your journal or make it? Lots of questions. I saw one at Barnes & Noble that I really liked, and was considering buying it and I was just curious what the rest of the KH’ers do!

One of my friends has an online journal that he keeps a list of what he’s doing, what he’s learned and what he’s capable of doing as well as the stuff he’d like to purchase as far as yarn and whatnot.

I keep a knitting journal! It’s an A4 hardback notebook. It put in my tension samples, a ball band of the yarn I’m using. I write what it is, from where. When started, who is for. Leave a blank bit for when finished! I then put a photo of what I’ve made whenever I get around to printing the photo’s out then write a little commentary. Like if there were any mistakes in the pattern, if I learned a new stitch, what I’d do different etc.

I love keeping it, I put stickers in it and jolly it up I find it a nice record. I do it for all my crafts, I have a journal for my tatted projects, crochet projects and sewing projects.

You don’t need to buy a ‘knitting journal’ any plain note book will do and personalize it.

I would like to be that organized about my knitting and other craft projects, but I’m just not. I try to put what left of the yarn and/or ball band in a baggie and right what the project was…but sometimes I forget and just toss everything back in my stash bins. I have such grandeous plans and ahve given up … trying to be organized was ruining the fun of knitting

I use Ravelry as my knitting journal. :slight_smile:

I would like to do this as well. I started one a while back for my sewing projects and I kept up with it for awhile but then I let it lapse. I have made so many things (sewing anyway) that I’ve forgotten LOTS I know. It’d be fun to have a record, and since knitting is really the only other fiber related hobby I have (and a wee bit of crochet, mostly for afghans) then you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to keep up, right?? LOL.

Maybe I’ll try again-it’s a new year after all!

I have a 3-ring binder with pocket dividers in it. I keep patterns and other info. in it, like yarn labels, but its hard to keep organized. I don’t spend enough time at it. I’m hoping ravelry will be the answer for keeping my knitting organized now. I just started there last week.:cheering::cheering:

I keep a knitting notebook mainly to keep myself organized. I write in the date I started and finished, the name of the pattern, yarn information and I also use it to keep track of rows. I write down any knitting websites I hear about, or any yarn or patterns I like. My “journal” is just a notebook I had that happened to fit in my knitting bag. I don’t know what I would do without it!

I have a 2 inch binder that I use. I’ve got a section for completed projects, WIP’s, patterns I’d like to knit, as well as plastic sleeves for storing yarn labels. I also keep yarn samples for each project and then tape those to the project title page.

this is exactly what i do. its just one of those little notebooks you get at target. one thing that is nice is you see how much quicker you get by doing start and end dates. example. i made sarah’s shawl cardigan for my twin’s b-day. it took me a month and a week to do. i just made it again it took me 14 days.

it was also good because it helps me to keep track of my modifications if any.

I was just about to say the same thing! But, I’ve never kept any info of any kind until now… kinda sad, now that I think about it. :sad:

Nope, I don’t … I do keep track of my FOs (on a Word doc) but have never seriously considered keeping a knitting journal until now - after reading about those of you who do. Hmmm, may just have to look for a cute notebook or way to do that. Maybe I’ll get one of those spiral bound, hard cover scrapbooks …

Hi Jaxhil…I was reading your thread and was wondering what type of sewing projects you work on? I’m a sewer also (my first real craft passion)…I’ve been sewing over 40 years & have made my clothing, my children’s clothing, gifts, etc… I have a home based specialty sewing, knitting/crochet business. Most of my sewing projects are personalized pillows…What brand sewing machine do you work on?
Have a happy craft day.

I had grand plans to organize my projects the way I organize everything else…but alas, it has not come to be.

I do write on each pattern the date I finish it and who it is going to (gift, etc) so I can remember. The patterns I use all live in a 3-ring binder, with tabs for each category (e.g. hats, scarves, sweaters, etc). I am trying to use Ravelry as much as possible to put in the info about my FOs but I am behind two FOs already! :slight_smile:

A knitting journal sounds like a great idea! I had not thought of this before reading this thread.

The idea of keeping track of finished projects and notes is very appealing to me. Notes and pictures of patterns and yarn and gauges and needles to be added later to ravelry…that is something to think about. :thumbsup:

I love the blank artist’s books that they sell at Michael’s and JoAnn’s – I bought a 5x7 one for DS for autographs when we went to Disney World – and I’ll bet one of those would work good for this too. Kind of pricy for what I want to use it for, but I love the paper that is in them (so much nicer than plain old notebook paper!) and I’m always looking for a good excuse to buy another one! :wink:

Quick question for all of you doing a journal.

I’ve been knitting for about 2 years and just recently got serious about it. In those 2 years I only knitted scarves that I sold at our local Farmer’s Market. If I started my journal TODAY, not counting those I already made, do you think I should keep track of those scarves? There are just a basic garter stitch with BIG needles. I make 4-5 a week. I have several other items I’m working on that I won’t sell. I’m just trying to figure out where I should draw the line, or if I even should.

I really like this idea. Thanks for it.:happydance:

I have a simple 3-ring binder with all my patterns in it. I jot notes directly on the pattern or on the back regarding anychanges I may have made (or would make for future versions) and what yarn I used. Simple, but it works for me.

I found a 5x7 spiral scrapbook (in my stash) that I’m going to use. A friend of mine brought me her knitting themed stamps to use in it. So I’m going to decorate the front of it this weekend!

i keep a microsoft word page and there i keep track of what I have finished every week.

i do, in the form of a scrapbook. Not a fancy one, but with pix and yarn samples (sometimes the swatch), ball bands, notes, the pattern, who it was for, when I made/gave it…that sort of thing. I started it with the story of how I started knitting and pix of the first needles I bought and what I made. I did it because my DH’s grandma passed away and I got some of her notions, but didn’t have any back story to her talents (which were amazing). I wish I started knitting more while she was alive…