Do You Have Dreams about Knitting?

I must have stayed up waaayyy too late reading these posts last night (while fixing children’s computers) because I dreamed that I was in a restaurant and noticed a lady’s beautiful scarf. While I’m watching her, the color changes to a neon green, but I decided that I still loved the pattern even though the color did NOT go with whatever she had on. Sad, ain’t it???

Does this mean that I’m officially addicted??? :teehee:

The other night, I dreamed that I’d figured out some revolutionary knitting technique. (Seeing as how it involved picking up stitches smack dab in the middle of a piece of knitted fabric, I can’t see why I thought that, but oh well…)

Knitting does often appear in my dreams - as do yarn stores! :teehee:

Heck yeah, I had one last night. One of my friends who I recently taught to knit told me the other day she had one, while her significant other dreampt about video games all night. :teehee:

I used tohave more knitting dreams when I was first learning to knit. Probably because I was focussed on learning the process. Once I was working with a slip sstitch pattern, which at the time took a lot of concentration. I dreamed about fish and when they turned I could see that instead of scales they had the slip stitch pattern on their sides.

Slip stitch patterned fish sounds awsome :smiley: wants to knit some Pattern anyone?

Always. A lot of times I own a yarn shop or I’m a designer and I always get the guy.

I had one the other night. I had been working on my shawl all day, so when I went to bed I had a dream that I finished the whole thing and it was beautiful! :heart: I woke with a smile on my face and a ?huh? :shrug: where’s the darn shawl???

I had a knitting dream around the holidays last year. I dreamt I had to get scarved knitted for all of our family members, and ASAP!

My husband woke me up saying, “Stop, ok?!” and pulling a blanket away from me. When I looked down, I had the top edge of the blanket in my hands and had twisted it all the way down to my feet. Apparently I’d make knitting movements with my fingers along the top of the blanket, turn it… rinse and repeat. I’d done it to our top blanket, and was starting on our sheet when he woke me.

Dude, that’s hillarious :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

no, I have never had a dream about knitting. I wish I could have one, they sound like so much fun!

I haven’t dreamed of knitting yet…but I have thought to myself while shopping for groceries [i]wouldn’t it be nice if they sold yarn here?[i]

Hello, my name is Jen, and I have an addiction… :happydance: [/i]

That is so funny!!! :roflhard:

i dream about knitting all the time. yes, it is really pretty pathetic. its usually nothing in particular. i can just remember when i wake up that i was knitting in my dream. usually i’m dropping a bunch of stitchs (i guess that would make it a nightmare, huh?) :teehee:

I’ve never dreamed about knitting. I don’t know why, because I do it often enough, and I sometimes daydream myself to sleep reading patterns and thinking about future projects.

I dream all the time Im buying yarn from Knitpicks. In my dream I always buy unlimited amounts of yarn with unlimited amounts of money. Then I wake up and realize, I was only dreaming :pout:


I wonder if Donald Trump’s wife knits…plenty of money to buy what she needs. :teehee:

I buy two lotto tickets per week. I remember the days when I would plan my “future” winnings…new car, pay off the credit card… Now, I’m thinking yarn, knitting classes… :teehee:

I dream about knitting a lot, especially when I’m learning a new stitch or technique. Before Christmas as soon as I woke up the first thing that would pop into my head was I’ve wasted 8 hrs. sleeping I’ve got to get up and get knitting.

Nadja xxx

not soo much recently, but when I first started knitting, EVERY night I dreamt I was knitting. I would wake up, doing the motions, still half asleep and would go OH CRAP… I dropped my needles… I would then search teh bed for needles and yarn until I either passed out, or woke up enough to realize it was a dream.


I do. Lately I’ve been dreaming, sometimes it even pops into my head as an involuntary daydream, that I’m trying to untwist a stitch. I’ve knitted it twisted, it’s about to slip off the needle, I end up splitting the yarn. No good knitting dreams. :verysad:

So far I haven’t had any dreams about knitting but a little earlier today I was doing something here at the house that required counting some items. About half way through I realized that I was actually counting “knit 1, knit 2, knit 3…” I just had to laugh at myself. LOL