Do you have a xmas/knitting wishlist?

Every year for xmas, I have to print up a wish list for my husband. And of course I link him to the websites and the exact items I would like. This has been successful so far. This year, my list will have a ball winder and swift along with some books and gift card or 2. I was wondering if there are other of you who do this?

:rofl: I just sent my dh a link to a coat that I’m wanting this year for Christmas

I can hint all day long, but if I want something specific, he will tell me to go buy it. If it’s too complicated, forget it. One time I wanted some perfume at Macy’s. He couldn’t find the department and was downstairs instead of up at the men’s cologne. He finally, found it after I told him it was upstairs, the next day.

LOL Oh this sounds like my DH. For my birthday I wanted some yarn harlot books,he got me to the chapters book site and told me to order what I wanted.I’ve never ordered online before so I whined at him that he couldn’t even get something for me online so he did.

I’m going back & forth on whether to ask my family to send knitting supplies from the mainland or ask them to contribute to my missions trip fund. Usually my family is pretty good about finding what I ask for. My employers are wonderful about listening to my comments about what I am searching for or interested in & they give some very thoughtful gifts related to what I have mentioned. One year they gave me a gc to a craft store, which I used to buy supplies for kids projects & knitting. Last year for National Nanny Appreciation week they gave me another gc and I spent it all on knitting supplies.

DH and I stopped buying separate gifts for each other years ago. It’s just too hard so we try to find something we want together. Nothing romantic mind you, more like fireplace tools, but there you go. :teehee: My daughters will look at my Amazon list for ideas and they all know I knit so sometimes they find something knitty. Usually books though that I have on my list which is I don’t mind at all…it’s why they are there. :wink:

Jan-do you get anything from each other for under the tree to open Christmas morning? There are just the two of us at home and I think I’d feel neglected if there wasn’t a pressie just for me…but in saying that most of the pressies I get now I bought and dh just wrapped.

I’ve got $300+ worth of things I want from KnitPicks and a good hunk of this is books and needles. Along with knitting I also spin (ROFL) and did ask for an Ashford Joy ST. I scrapbook and would like some new punches and templates and what not stuff so that gives hubby so ideas.

Last year (it was a rough year) I got $100 gift card to Hobby Lobby from my parents. :slight_smile: I had too much fun with that gift.

Our family makes lists. It’s the surest way to get each other things we want.

I’ll be asking for a ball winder and swift for sure. In fact, I suspect my son will get me these items because he’s tired of being my swift. :rofl:

Other than that, if I get money, I will probably use it to pay some bills. Drats…the practical side of me. :teehee:

I have already told my hubby that whatever he buys is fine… but if he really wants to get some ideas, he could visit my LYS - they know me pretty well. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, his gifts are usually motivated by something he wants me to do: I got a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (Professional) for Christmas one year because he wanted me to bake for him more. One year I got a sewing machine because he wanted me to sew and sell the items I made (still don’t know how to sew properly). But last year, he bought me an iPod - so who knows? Alot of times, he is more comfortable buying me electronics. Yarn just mystifies and confuses him.

But in answer to your question: yes I have a secret wishlist. I’d love for my hubby to pay for private knitting lessons and sewing lessons so that I can advance in both!

Electronics are the most fun gifts! Get me a t.v., dvd recorder, camera, video camera, computer, phone, ipod, what’s not to love. When I mention knitting to my husband or daughter, they get this glazed look in their eyes. lol

a couple of years ago i just started buying my own gifts because dh was getting too many things that didn’t fit or were my least favorite color. it seemed a shame to have spent money on something i couldn’t wear.

this year we have a vacation planned in january and with the airline change in baggage fees i want for each of us to get a new suitcase that lets us pack everything in just two and without being too big that we go over weight and have to pay extra.

DH’s computer abilites consist of turning the thing on and looking up lottery numbers, so any list I make for him has to be stuff he can get at the mall/locally. He couldn’t shop on-line if his life depended on it. Doesn’t matter that Barnes/Nobles always tell him EZ’s Opinionated Knitter is unavailable & they can’t even order it - and that I know I can get it from knitpicks at 40% off (which I just did for my birthday earlier this month!).

My Mom & siblings/thier spouses trade names for Christmas so any of them who get my name I can give them an online list and be very specific as to books/where to get; exact yarn/quantitites/color; gadgets, etc. I can give them so many choices that in the end I’ll still be surprised by what they get.

I realize now, though, that my nephew and his wife are also in the annual holiday gift drawing - if one of them gets my name they’ll wait until Xms eve to shop. Still, I can send them to 3-4 different LYS with more general lists (she wants sock yarn, is this enough for a pair? Do you carry Malabrigo - enough for a scarf?)

In the end, it all works out. :happydance:

Tell your hubby to contact me :slight_smile: I’ll getting you knitting now sewing on a sewing machine yeah I’ll come take that class with you.

I am so bad at this. I don’t like asking for things, it feels really weird to me and I will always try to find the least expensive thing to ask for. My boyfriend is trying to change this about me and insists I make Amazon wishlists [I]and [/I]update them often. He has been pretty consistent in buying me knitting books I ask for but it’s always a surprise anyway.

Do I have a secret wish list??? Of course but I keep it to myself. I try to save up and get them for myself.
It’s so much fun to see what everyone has on their lists!

When the kids were younger my mom used to give me money as a gift and tell me “If you buy something ‘practical’ with this I’ll knock you on the head” :roflhard: She knew me too well! She never did really knock me on the head though :??

This is just reality, especially when you have kids… I’ve done the same thing…

I have a wish list on Amazon and one at KnitPicks. I think the one at KP is just a cart, but iisave things to buy later and send my DH there.

I didn’t used to until the year I got: an ironing board, some spatulas, a pregnancy book, a cook book, and some other such stuff.

I expressed- so you want me barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?

He meant well- he had heard me make comments about “I need this,” and “I need that.” I explained to him that with things like ironing boards and spatulas, I would just pick them up at Wal_mart the next time I was there.

So. . .now he gets a list.

Sometimes men are challenged when it comes to Christmas shopping.

I printed out my cart and made it a PDF so I could email it to my family. Hey they where fool enough to ask what I wanted for Christmas.

I’ve also been dropping hints like rock falling from the sky as to what I want from Hubby.