Do you have a favorite shrug pattern you make over and over?

I’ve been looking at shrug patterns. I’ve made two so far, one was a bit too lacy and the other, the Reading in Bed shrug, it’s pretty nice but not very warm. I found this great one (Fresco Shrug) over at Ravelry but I’m not sure where to buy it.

Just wondering if anyone has a super duper not too complicated shrug they like a lot. Something that’s warm and cuddly and simple.
I bought this great yarn on sale, Classic Elite Inca Marl 100% alpaca, it’s so beautiful but I only have 3 skeins, 327 yards which probably isn’t enough for a long sleeved shrug. !

Yes my fav is “i do Shrug” i am knitting my fourth piece now in black color… :thumbsup:

hope you find your fav one too:muah:

Sorry I never replied! I had a broken computer for a week.
I know that shrug. Will have to take another look! Thanks,