Do YOU Get Knitting Daily TV?

I keep seeing the Knitting Daily TV emails. Does anyone see these on their TV? What channel(s)? Are the shows good enough to order the season(s) on DVD?

All I know is it’s on PBS channel,But it’s not on mine:tap:

Yes, it’s on PBS and we don’t get it here in the DFW metroplex either.
My lys started a petition that went out to all the Knitting Guild members, but I don’t know what happened. My lys is going to show the episodes on DVD at a knit-night coming up soon. I’ll let you know what I think.

It’s not on the 2 PBS channels in my area either.

I have checked all the PBS stations even remotely near me and NONE of them have it. Some of the area knitters contacted the most local station and they said the cost for it was too high. They couldn’t afford it.
THAT ticks me off because the show is nothing but advertising for IK since it is their show. It makes no sense for them to price themselves out of the market when they could advertise their stuff all day long on the show FOR FREE! :wall: :wall:

Don’t have in Portland OR either! Who has this darn show???:??

We don’t have in San Diego either and a bunch of us here emailed PBS to get it as well.

No! :wall:

It’s not on our PBS either. :frowning:

I wonder where it is actually on. I checked when I was in WA, not there. We get Buffalo, NY PBS and not there either.

I have never watched it but I think I get their newsletters.

not on my PBS station either out of Albany, NY.

I’m beginning to think no one has it!

I heard somewhere that individual stations get to choose whether they show a specific program, so each PBS would be different. Seems like very few of them picked it up.

We get the Buffalo PBS, like sue, and it’s not here sadly enough.

We don’t have it here in NE GA

Here is a link to their page with all the listings.

Well, after reviewing the comments section of the Knitting Daily TV web site; it would appear that they are at least airing in Pittsburgh, PA on WQED and in Watertown, NY on WPBS or WNPI. I think it would be interesting if they listed what areas they are being aired in, rather than you looking up to see if they are airing in your locale. To bad they aren’t like which shows some programming over the web.

They do.

Not on mine either here in Southeast Missouri. I wrote to my PBS station asking about it and they said they were not currently going to offer it and then asked me for a donation!!! Uh, I don’t think so.

Well, it appears that I’ll have to move to Austin, Lubbock, Midland, or Harlingen in order to watch the show. :teehee: It seems to me that most of the stations that are carrying the show are smaller TV markets.

I haven’t remembered to watch it yet, but we do get it here in Austin on Saturday mornings.

We get it in Eastgern Washington! It airs on Saturday at 10:30 on KWSU which is a PBS station on the campus of Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman, WA. I’m in Spokane and we get it via cable. I’ve only seen it once, but I liked it a lot better than Knit and Crochet Today!