Do you find knitting a plain sweater boring?

I have just start knitting a pullover sweater, (my first). I have only knitted a few rows, but it seems a little boring. I think I got use to the dpns and now, I am wondering if I can get into this project. Anyone else ever feel like this?

I think that’s very common. You could just use it for one of those simple projects you need when watching TV or sitting around chatting with friends. Best not to have complicated patterns at that time. :wink:

You could also throw in some fun stitches.

You mean just make something up and put it in there?

Sure you could do that or find a stitch you like from a stitch library. You do have to keep the nature of the stitch in mind when planning/doing it. I mean lacy would leave open areas so you might not want it in some places, ribbing pulls in so would be good for waist shaping, but wouldn’t be good around the chest, etc.

I agree with Jan. You can also consider cables, but they also “eat” stitches (the gauge is different) and you have to add some to compensate.
I usually knit 3-4 projects together. Lace for the challenge, simple sweater for watching a movie, something small for quick satisfaction.

I usually knit 3-4 projects together. Lace for the challenge, simple sweater for watching a movie, something small for quick satisfaction.

The bodies of sweaters can be knitting, just like knitting an afghan. I keep socks going to provide a challenge.

O.k. I think I will just get a sock going on the side. I have a hat I am making for GD that is half way through. I don’t feel comfortable changing the pullover, since it’s the first one and I am not sure how it will go anyway. Thanks for the tips everyone.:stuck_out_tongue:

It depends on my mood. Sometimes I just want something simple that I can do without too much thought or attention, yet still fulfilling that need to fidget and feel the yarn between my fingers. Other times I am bored and want a pattern that will change it up more or be a quicker knit.

I’m the same way with books; usually once I get done with a heavy, thought provoking piece of literature, I feel the need for a quick-read mind candy, like a Stephen King or some other paperback suspense thriller.

Yes, B-O-R-I-N-G. But, you’ll do it if you want it!

My most boring sweaters are the TEMPTING I and TEMPTING II summer tops. Knit in-the-round…boring round after round…but I do love my top…and my daughter loves hers!

It’s just one of those projects that I call my “bite the bullet” projects.

Here is DD in her TEMPTING I Summer Top.

And here is my TEMPTING II Summer Top.
It is a 1x1 rib. Aaaargh. BORING.

I made mine to go with this sweater. So you can see why I was motivated to press on, and “bite the bullet”!

Oh, they are both beautiful. I see your daughter’s has a little ribbing in it. Do you have to knit a big swatch to know if you are the right gauge, like I did?

No, I just knit the 4"x4" swatch recommended in the pattern.
The length of the gauge didn’t matter as much as the gauge width. I was using 2 strands held together. Not 2 strands of the same yarn…but 1 each of 2 different yarns.

A garment that appears super easy can really get complicated…and this one did, too: the part where you knit the sleeves (in the round) separately…then fuse them with the body…to create the yoke.

The pattern directions assume you already know how to do this.
I didn’t…and the directions didn’t say much to help. :eyes:

Now I see what you mean about the sleeves, but you know how to do it now, obviously. I hope to be able to knit something nice like that one day.