Do you ever knit at church or other places of worship?

I began knitting at church about 1 month ago because it relaxes me soooo very much. I asked the pastor and he said he didn’t mind.However, I still feel a little bit uncomfortable because I feel like people are watching me…
anyone else knit there too?

I don’t only because I know that my attention would be more on my knitting and less on the sermon. I have a hard time walking and chewing gum so I doubt I’d be able to do that. :roflhard: If you’ve asked the pastor and he doesn’t mind, then I say go for it. :slight_smile:

Not during Sunday service I don’t…however when they had a kids’ crusade I did.

My mom’s the minister and I knit during her sermons. It works for the same reason that knitting during a lecture class works for me–it occupies that part of my mind that wanders away from the topic, allowing me to focus. I agree with your pastor. knit away, and don’t worry about everyone else!

Even when I’m not singing in the choir, there’s too much activity in our liturgy- sit down, stand up, find the hymn, read responsively, etc- for me to knit, at least without dropping a needle or making some really bad mistakes. :doh: I have often wondered whether knitting a sock or something would help me pay more attention to the sermon, though- I tend to listen for the first 5 minutes, then grab an idea and wander off thinking about it… The idea feels kind of wrong, though, even though I know my pastor wouldn’t mind. (She’s a knitter, too. :wink: )

I don’t do church. Though I’m sure anyone would prefer to see you knit during church than sleep. I used to see a LOT of that! :rofl:

[color=blueviolet]I knit every Sunday in church. My paster doesn’t mind at all. He says I’m the only person he knows for sure is paying attention. I guess it also helps that i’m his assistant so he sees/talks to me more than the other members of the church.[/color]

Do you look up and knit? I don’t know if I could do it. Unless I’m straight knitting I still need to look at my work. I watch Movies/TV and still follow so I guess it wouldn’t be much different. But I think I’d feel weird. We moved to a very, how do I say this, “conformed” church. Lots of older folks set in their ways. We were introduced as the youngest in the church!

No. I am pretty sure my pastor wouldn’t like it and since I work for the church…that makes him my boss.

But even more importantly that, God is an important part of my life and I want to be focused on Him during service. I just feel it is inappropriate.

I have knit in church before, it’s always something small I can keep in my lap and really mindless that just keeps my hands busy. I’ve never had anyone in my church consider it rude or disrespectfull of either God or the preacher. Usually I’m only met with friendly questions about what I’m working on and smiles when anyone notices. I’m sure this has to do with your church and the people at it though. But If I felt it bothered them I wouldn’t knit. During worship there’s too much going on - prayers to stop for, hyms to find in the hymnal etc., but during the lesson I knit to to keep my mind from wandering. I’ve found I actually pay MUCH better attention and my mind actually stays on track.

[color=blueviolet]I only knit stuff that I have memorized because I have my Bible and my patterns on my Palm. I don’t like switching between my patterns, which are PDFs, and my Bible program. Also, if I had to follow a pattern I know I wouldn’t pay attention at all. I can also knit without looking although I’m a bit slower when I don’t look.[/color]

Yep, I’d knit in church. It’s something quiet that one can do to keep their hands busy and if anyone is like me, it only helps me concentrate more. After all, idle hands are the devil’s tools…

I can’t see me stitching during a service, but if I was waiting for the kids programs to finish or something like that, maybe…

[color=blueviolet]I’ve also never had anyone react negatively to my knitting. During the greeting people come up to me and ooh and ahh over whatever I’m making. Now that I knit I can pretty much recite the main parts of the sermon. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t knit during prayer or when we are reading from the bible. Also my church is a very interactive, more like school, church. My pastor gives individuals homework assignments to be presented the next Sunday. I guess that’s why I’m so comfortable knitting there because we aren’t the sit and be quiet kind of church.

I believe if you think God would think it’s inappropriate for you to knit during the service, you shouldn’t do it. But I think He doesn’t mind me doing it. [/color]

I sometimes knit during church, but normally only during Sunday School. It’s a small church and easy for my pastor to see me, though i don’t think he’d care.

if i was sitting and waiting for someone during the week or something like that i wouldn’t have a problem doing it but never at a point when people might think i was knitting during a service. it isn’t even the “what would they think” issue so much as the “it just doesn’t sit right with me” issue.

It doesn’t sit right with me either – I can’t really explain why, but everything within me says, “no way, I would never even consider it.” Also…I’m like a broken record with my kids, trying to get them to not do things in church that distract other people. Even if I did come to a point where I thought it was appropriate for me (and I wasn’t wrangling small children), I would never want to take the risk of distracting anyone else. :shrug:

I would prolly while waiting for the services to begin but I’d have to put it up then… I wouldn’t feel right kniting during the services… its like wearing pants I can’t do that either… I have to wear a skirt or I just feel wrong :shrug:

i would if i could but i feel its direspectful. you can knit at home. you’re there to hear the Word not knit. take notes or something… though i know i am no saint… cause i just started going again… and it is hard for me to payatterntion especially when i have this beautiful baby sitting in my lap! :muah: but sometimes i start thining of my knitting… :verysad:

Lonnie plays and sings for church, so we get there early for the band’s practice (they are very, very good, by the way!) and I knit then, but I do put it away for the service. I feel as if I would be disrespectful if I knit during the sermon. It’s like I feel when I’m talking with someone, I don’t knit when I am talking face to face with someone, I feel as though I should give them my attention…I feel the same way in church. :wink: