Do you ever get heckled about your knitting?

I don’t know about you guys but ever since I started kniting approx 2 months ago I get teased a lot about my kntting. Now granted, I take my knitting almost everywhere. Especially in places I expect to have a wait… doctor’s appointments, restaraunts, visiting with fami :pout: :heart: :heart: ly, church, during my lunch break at work, ( I even snuck it into one class at school)BUT I do NOT apologize for it!! However, I get teased alot… especially by co workers who constantly ask what are you kniting NOWWWW? My family says… well, the grannyfaction process has started, my nephew said 'You just do old-people crafts"… again I do NOT apologize but does any one else get heckled…

I get less heckling and more disbelief that I would knit. Apparently, my friends and family don’t think I’m the “type.” It’s too “homey” for me. “It’s just not you.”

I’m not sure what that means.

I get the same reactions as cawthraven. People are surprised when they find out I knit.

My friend I feel ya! i’ve been getting teased too…especially by my dad…he says that all women who knit never get married.(of course he doesn’t know what he’s talking about)…my sister says that i’m getting old too fast…and other people have asked as well why on earth am I knitting now…but who cares…I knit!! and I love it!! and I won’t apologize for it either! :stuck_out_tongue: they’re just jealous!!

My older sister…

I learned to knit just before my sister broke her arm snowboarding. The following year, she had surgery on that arm, and was out of commission for another season. She teased me mercilessly about my knitting for those two years. The next year, while she was leading a youth group sleepover for the girls club, one of the parent’s came in and taught all the girls to knit. My sister has been addicted ever since and loves knitting just as much as I do.

I personally think it might be dangerous to heckle a person armed with two sharp objects…

:!!!: Can’t say I get heckled exactly, but at the moment I’m actually sort of ticked of at DH because of his lack of appreciation. And we “fight” all the time about the light while we’re watching tv. I want it on so I can knit - and he can’t understand why I don’t just want to sit there like a blob, but actually want to do something productive with my time. :grrr: :hair:

:rofl: :rofl:

My family teases about everything but its something we have always done… so yes I get teased about it but its kinda in a fun sort of way while they are asking for me to knit something… although my grandfather who runs the Hawks Nest State Tram said one day while I was up… the older women are about to drive me crazy with their fussin’ they need to be at home with a cat on their lap knitting… then he looked over where I was sitting with their cat on my lap knitting and just busted out laughing… we all did…everyone in my family does some kind of craft/hobby rather its knitting, crocheting, wood work, or something so they get it…

however, I’ve never had anyone be mean about it most wanna learn or watch when I knit in public… I’ve always been told when someone does they are jealous… so maybe they wanna learn but think they are to “cool” although knitting is cooler :blooby:

I’ve been teased–but not meanly, and not often. Last year some of the male staff would make a comment about my knitting during our weekly meetings. I usually participated more than they did, so it wasn’t a question of me being distracted.

I just tell them that it’s a lot more productive than golf. That shuts them up. :rofl:

I don’t really get heckled for knitting… The main problem is people blatantly asking me to knit something for them. Just practically demanding it by saying “Hey! Knit me a scarf!” :grrr: Maybe if they asked me nicely and offered to pay for the yarn I would do it! I really like knitting for others, but when people expect me to knit something for them just because I have the ability to and they say so, it drives me up the wall!

one of my friends teases me all the time but i tease him about being a CPA all the time too. neither of us really fits in the “stereotype” of either of those things so it is more about that than actual mocking. There is another girl we both know (and secretly neither of us likes…it really is like Jr. High) who tries to get into the teasing too…she usually gets her head bitten off. :whistle: It’s all perspective… :rofl:

I get teased at work, but mostly because I can never finish anything and I always have something different with me. I don’t think the teasing will go away until I can produce an FO. And these are the guys teasing me. The women I work with all want to learn. I find it all to be very amusing.

Since I mostly knit socks in public I get more curious looks than anything else. My brother teases me about knitting, but he would tease me if all I was doing was breathing (let’s j ust say he’s a police officer and has pulled me over with lights and sirens when he has recognized my car just to say hi and give me a hard time - your tax dollars at work.) I think people are more puzzled by what I am doing with “all those needles.” And I don’t fall into the “old granny knitting category either.”

So far, I’ve never been teased for my knitting. I come from a family of crocheters, and have recently learned to knit, and they think it’s great that I’ve picked up a new craft.

when I knit in public, I usually just get curious looks, and a few people have asked what I’m making. but no teasing. At least not yet…

Oh speaking of crocheters, I have one friend who crochets and constantly teases me about my knitting. She will say things like, “Oh but crocheting is SO much easier because you only need ONE needle.” She also makes fun of my yarn snob-ness because I knit with “all those exotic yarns” (You know, like wool) And she calls me “granny” all the time. (To which I respond, "Yes; dear and the way that our oldest two children like each other we could be grandma’s on the same day!) I think secretly she is jealous that I know how to knit and she doesn’t but is too proud to ask me to show her how. We are both in the same homeschool group and the girls are always asking me to teach them how to knit. She’s only had one girl ask her how to crochet.

Can’t say I’ve ever been heckled, thank goodness! However, my 10 year-old dd (also a knitter) begs me not to KIP since it’s embarrassing for her. So far, only curious looks or nice questions.

My DD1 (14) is always asking me not to KIP, but she hasn’t admitted that she thinks it would embarrass her.

I don’t really fit in with the “granny” stereotype and people are always surprised when they find out how computer savvy I am. This is making me wonder which stereotype people think I am. It may be better not to know, I guess. :teehee:

isn’t it a parent’s job to embarrass their kids? That’s what I always assumed anyway since mine were so good at it! :wink:

Things have changed since I was a teenager. It seems the friends’ parents go way out of their way to avoid embarrassing the kids. It’s very foreign to me. :shrug:

I’m not one of those, though. I just bought a pair of high-top sneakers in the school colors to wear to the next home football game; she’s in the HS marching band. :twisted:

Thankfully, no, I’ve not been teased. LOL, Lonnie happily tells people at work that I can knit anything, though. Well, he got hit in the head at work this past Mon. and had a concussion and had to stay home for a couple of days, when I was talking with one of the girls in the office she did say that I should knit him a steel helmet. I didn’t take this as teasing in any way, she is also a knitter :wink: