Do you ever feel guilty for not finishing or working

on a certain project?

I have a baby blanket that I started, really my first project EVER, which I started not too long before my daughter was born in October 2005. I probably started it in either late August or early September 2005. It’s a simple basketweave pattern, with two strands of Bernat Baby Coordinates held together. I’m about halfway done, but it just sits. And sits. And waits. I feel kind of bad about not getting it done, but by now, it’s kind of a [size=1]boring[/size] project. Although I guess it would be good for “mindless” knitting where you don’t have to pay very close attention, like when riding in a car. Although I’m never the one riding, I’m always driving!

But I really would like to get it done! Maybe I can use that as a personal reward system, “OK, if I get X rows done or a pattern repeat (10 rows) done, I can knit on a different project.”

But another thing too, I bet my gauge has changed over time as well, I think I knit a lot more loosely than I did when I first started. The top half may end up wider than the bottom half of the blanket!

I feel guilty for starting a new project when another isn’t done yet…


I don’t feel guilty unless it’s a project that I started for someone and I want to give as a gift. The rest are ‘mine’ and one of the nice things about knitting for myself is that I can do what I want. If a project sits too long, I come to the realization that it’s never going to get any attention–that there are always bigger and better things to make–then it becomes abandoned and I either frog it or dump it, depending on the yarn.

A while back, I had a huge pile of started projects hanging over my head. I made a realistic decision about them and, boy, that was liberating!

I don’t feel guilty ever for not finishing one projsct before starting another, right now I have two projects on the go and I will probably finish the second one first but I know I will go back to the other one evenually. I like to have more htan one on the go because when I get tired of looking at one color I can switch over to the other one.

YES!!! I get bored with patterns for blankets rather easily. My niece’s that I just finished got quite boring but I was determined to finish it. I rewarded myself with Cat Bordhi’s book on knitting socks on 2 circulars and an order of addi’s. :slight_smile: I have a list of projects I need to do, so I’m trying to be more diligent about finishing what I started. It’s a good lesson for my daughter too since she is a starter but not a finisher.

That’s why I’m the monogamous knitter :wink: But, I have found that when I’m knitting something that I don’t enjoy, I will :frog: …unless it’s something that someone has asked for; if it’s a gift, but I haven’t been asked to make this specific project…and I’m not enjoying knitting it, I will frog it in a minute and start knitting something I will have fun knitting…LOL, that’s why I knit so many socks…my fave thing to knit :wink:

I feel bad if I don’t finish something. I don’t like to have more than one project going at a time, for this reason. I started a cardigan…a while ago. I finished the back and one side of the front, and have the other side about halfway done. Then I discovered socks. The cardigan has been sitting for months now, and I still feel bad about it- but not bad enough to pull it out!! I figure it isn’t going anywhere, and right now I’m enjoying the socks so much. One day, I’ll be bored of size 1 dpns, and the size 6 needles that the cardigan is being worked on will seem HUGE!! :smiley:

I have two projects that have been hanging ove my head for a long time, and though I do feel bad about them, I don’t feel bad enough to finish them. :wink:

With one of them (Cozy) I should hve known, because I don’t do blankets or wraps or anything else large and monotonous. But I decided to make Cozy for DH’s grandmother…and of course got halfway through before I was so bored with it that I thought I was going to lose my mind. It was intended for last Christmas…now I’m thinking maybe this Christmas… :rollseyes:

I feel guilty a lot. I like to make short and simple projects, like a baby hat or a dishcloth. I started something I shouldn’t have, which was a coca cola blanket for my mom’s best friend. It was supposed to be done on her birthday(Which was… I believe march 20th?).

I need to get a move on with most of my WIP’s, I have too many of them :frowning:

I never feel guilty for not finishing a project. (Thats what my mother is for) :-Þ

I intentionally keep several projects OTN’s at a time. As I get bored with a color, pattern or yarn I just change to a different project. I constantly rove between 3 or 4.

I am a new knitter. I started some simple projects on some cheap yarn, which I didn’t finish because I discovered the pleasures of working with not-so-cheap yarn. The next phase was to start simple projects using more interesting yarn, but I soon discovered patterns, cables, etc. So I’ve got some unfinished projects that I outgrew. I plan to tear out the boring projects to see if I can reuse the yarn. I’ll probably give the cheap yarn to the local thrift store. (Just a ball here, a ball there. Not enough to be interesting to this group.)

Guilty? A little. But I’m giving myself a break since I’m a beginner. Ask me this question in another year when I’ve run out of excuses! :oops:


I usually only have two projects at a time on the needles. That way I really do finish them and then I feel free to start a new one. :smiley:

The only thing I was a little disappointed in frogging was the “Best Friend’s Jacket” from Sally Melville’s book. I stareted it then worked on it daily for a about two weeks. But I eventually got bored with it and frogged it. I still have hopes of knitting myself a sweater with the yarn and in fact I just today bought a book from Joanns with a sweater in it that I plan to start with that same yarn :XX: .

But I agree…it’s my knitting and if I want to change my mind and not finish something its okay. There are no knit police around. :roflhard:

I pretty much decided several years ago that feeling guilty a waste of energy. ( I feel this way about being angry, too)

So, as far as knitting goes … I am with Ingrid … If it has been sitting around a while I either frog it or pitch it.

Other things in life … I try very very hard to only say yes to things that I know I can be responsible to carry through OR make sure that just an OK job will do.

Don’t tell my college son this … but most things I decide what letter grade it is worth for the effort. A’s … all out effort C’s (like cleaning the bathroom when company is not coming) average is OK … D’s … (stuffing things in the closet instead of putting them where they belong when company is coming) just make it look like it is done

If a C knitting project even gets close to a D it gets frogged … then it is done! Fretting takes the joy out of so many things in life.

it gets frogged … then it is done!

Oh, I so like that! I’m going to use and reuse that.

OMGoodness…I suffer from this problem–I started a shawl for my grandmother in March that I never finished…it was an awful pattern that I had to bribe myself to work on and even then I found that short of a shopping spree…nothing was a big enough reward. I finally made the decision to pull the needles out–I haven’t frogged yet but I know it’s inevitable. I’m going to make grandma a shawl from a different pattern (likely one with big needles so I can finish it off quickly!!). I also started socks for my mom for mother’s day but never finished them. I bought her a gift and have decided that perhaps the socks will become a christmas gift.

So far, I only have 1 UFO (& I do feel sorta bad about it). Otherwise, I finish or frog & try not to have regrets if I frog. I really need to frog the UFO I have–it’s been sitting around for a year now. I’m trying to remedy this by only having a few WIPs at a time (right now, I’m down to 2 & I like that). Also, I’ve become much more choosy about projects; if I don’t love it, I won’t start it.

GM, How big is it?

Is it big enough to cover her in her car seat? I was given a “half a baby blanket”. And its perfect for the car seat!

I used to feel guilty, but realized knitting is the fun part of my life, I have enough guilt raising children, heh. I do have guilt twinges every now and then over the size of my stash, however

Hm, I am the type of person who HAS to finish with whatever I started. The only guilt I might have is that I spent too much money within a short time period. Then again, I will have to control myself to spread out my shopping spree :roflhard: