Do you buy a knitting book for one pattern?


I know a lot of you love your knitting books, but i can’t make myself spend $20 on a book that only has a couple of patterns in it that I will actually knit.

I don’t know what it is, but so many books one or two patterns that I would love to have and then are filled with things that i would NEVER knit. Other books have generic patterns in them that you could just as easily find online for free.

One example of a pattern i would like to have, but a book i would never buy: the target wave mittens from knitting nature

I wish my library carried better knitting books.

I know what you mean about that one pattern you want in that book filled with stuff you won’t knit.

My library will order almost any books I want if I ask them. You can try asking your librarian if she can get the book for you.


I have no control when I see something in a pattern book that I want to knit. One thing that is good for me is that I have girlfriends who knit and our books get passed around so not a total waste.

Have you tried interlibrary loan?

I bought one booklet with 8 baby blanket patterns when I first started, but most of my books are more “funds of information” than patterns.

I have the Ultimate Vogue Knitting book, Vogue Stitchionary Vol 1, Nicki Epstein’s Knitting Over the Edge (I think that’s the one? It’s her second), and Sensational Knitted Socks. These are all books where they talk about techniques, so that I can apply them to other stuff, which I like. Some of them have patterns, too, but mostly it’s for adpating.

I won’t even by a magazine unless I like a couple of the pattenrs. :teehee:

Guilty. :oops:

When seeking assistance for my second project, I drove out of my way to visit to a nice yarn store an hour and a half away from me (crazy, huh?!). While there, I spotted a beautiful hand towel. Well, the yarn was not cheap, and to get the pattern, I had to buy the book (Mason-Dixon Knitting). I caved. My hand towels wound up costing $70. :oops:

But, I made another pattern out of the book and plan to make more of the hand towels.

I’ll do this same thing, or I’ll buy books used on Amazon. Sometimes, you can get books for DIRT CHEAP, even after paying shipping and handling, and they come right to your door without having to drive anywhere and burn up gas. :happydance:

If you have a Half Priced Books in your area, you could try there.

Amazon and work together to sell used books for pretty cheap. Amazon has the used books and I think is just a go between for buyers/sellers.

Personally, I find that even though a book may only have one or two patterns that I will knit, the others will be some sort of inspiration for me. Plus, I like to be able to give myfriends books to look at when I offer to make them something. A pattern I don’t like for me might be something that a friend would like.

Of course, I collected patterns like a fiend. I print them out, classify them in catagories and put them in binders. I probably have hundreds!

My library can basically get me any knitting book in northern Illinois :heart:

I prefer books that have more instructions with pictures than patterns. So far I can usually find a pattern that I like on the internet, and usually for free. But I can’t resist those books that tell you how to do all sorts of wonderful things-even if I never do them.

those mittens were in the last interweave! I think the one that might still be around.

so far, I have only gotten knitting books as presents.
I buy the magazines though.

I am bad and copy the books at work.