Do you bind off a purl row doing purl?

Okay, I tried posting this question under Pattern Central where I showed the Drops Design poncho I’m just about to finish.

Couldn’t get an answer so I’ll try here… they say to purl the last row on the bottom of the poncho and then bind off. So I guess that means I have to bind off in purl is that correct?

Or doesn’t it matter, can you knit bind off?

Just want to be sure it looks right coz I put a lot of time into it.

Did you post on the Drop’s forum ? You might get an answer from them.

Thanks Sk, yeah I think I’ll do that. It’s such a simple question I’m embarassed.

If it were so simple, we would have had the answer in the other thread. :teehee:

Depends what the stitch pattern is, I’d think. If it’s stockinette, the next row would be knit, so you bind off in knit.


Oh geez. I thought it was simple. You know, over at drops design they aren’t answering and I think what I have to do is just try both a purl bind off and a knit bindoff and see what looks better. Poor thing wants to come off the needles finally.

ok, suzieeq, you were absolutely right. Another knitter over at Garnstudio told me that you knit the bind off so it won’t curl. Whew. Finally. Now it can come off the needles Sometimes it’s hard to think it through.