Do I really need 0, 1, 2 needles?

Hi All,
I am ordering the KPO set, and have been researching what I should order in addition, so I can have a complimentary set of items for whatever project I may want to do. I am going to add the fixed circs in size 3 in all 3 lengths (not even sure of what the diff lengths are for yet). But wondering about the smaller sizes??

I have several patterns I want to try (including a couple for ankle socks) and none ask for anything smaller than 3… I will not be knitting any baby clothes in the near future (that I am aware of anyway). Is that what they are typically used for?

Since I am not sure what the very small needles are used for, I am not sure if I should get them now or wait until I have a need. And if I should go ahead and order them, should I get all three lengths?

Thanks in advance for any help!

PS: the “search” is a wonderful way to find info in subjects already discussed easily! Found excellent suggestions of “extras” others had ordered w/ their set. I just wasn’t able to find an answer to this – may have been me! :??

IMHO, I’d say go with what you’ll need at the present moment.

I have a handful of tips and two different cable lengths, in sizes that I use more often. Since I haven’t gotten into sock knitting yet, I don’t have a reason to buy the smaller sizes. Will try sock knitting with worsted wt. yarn first, then see.

I do plan on taking up lace someday, so for me investing in the smaller sizes is a posibility.

If you can’t see yourself using the small ones, then don’t buy 'em, but that’s just me :shrug:

Yes, you do. :teehee: It’s because you said you were going to make ankle socks. Beware the slppery slope. First, “just a pair of ankle socks” then “I’ll just put a longer cuff on them and have real socks.”, then “did you see that wonderful sock yarn?” then, “What a great pattern for socks!”

I use size 3 and smaller every day. Larger sizes only some of the time.

Some lace work is done using size 0 or 1 knitting needles (like the very fine doilies and table runners). My credo is, if you don’t have a need for it, don’t buy it. If you’ve been using certain size needles then stick with it. If you have some projects you’re eyeing that don’t call for anything smaller than a size 3, then I wouldn’t worry about sizes 0-2. In fact, I’ve been knitting for some time and I’ve never used anything smaller than a 2 for any project. I know there are some people who have knitted socks with the very small needles, but I’ve actually never seen a pattern anywhere that calls for a needle smaller than 2. I’ve never seen patterns for anything other than lace work that would necessitate a 0 or 1. :slight_smile:

Thanks y’all! I appreciate the input.

Looks like I will get the 2’s – incase I run into a guage problem w/ 3 I will have the next sizes up and down.

Some people like to use size 0 or size 1 for sock knitting but I have found that if I use 2 circs instead of dpns I can knit tighter and I can get the same gauge with size 2 circs as I could get with size 1 dpns.

As far as lace knitting goes, the only type of lace knitting that would require anything smaller than a size 3 is doily knitting. For doing regular lace shawls and other types of garments you would normally use larger needles. I make shawls in laceweight yarn and usually use size 4 or 5 depending on the yarn.

I got bamboo DPNs in 0, 1, 2, and 3 to round out my Options set. I’ve already used the 1s and 2s on a pair of socks (and I’m addicted to socks now!). I considered getting those sizes in the long fixed-cable circulars, figuring anything that was smaller than that size could be magic-looped, but I’m really happy with the DPNs for now

I have 2 sets of each of the sock-sized DPNs (sz. 0-3). This is only because I am a crazy insane addicted sockaholic. Knit that ankle sock on the 3’s and see whatcha think. :shrug:

I am one of those…who likes to have every size in every length. Before the era of KPO’s…giving in to that obsession was an expensive endeavor! HOWEVER…with the coming of KPO’S…you can have it all at a very modest expense!

I say, with the modest cost…get all the fixed small sizes…but only in 24" inch length…the most commonly used length. If you do magic loop socks…then you will want the longer lengths as well.

It IS true that the Options needles are VERY affordable comparatively.

I use those for socks, so if you aren’t planning on knitting small gauge socks, don’t worry about it. Just stick to the patterns you will be using and see what they need.