Do I need to block acrylic?

I’m almost finished an acrylic blanket for my friends new baby and wanted to know if I should block it after I’m done and what is the best way to block acrylic?
Thanks for your advice.

In my opinion, not every item needs to be blocked (at least in the traditional sense). With something like a baby blanket that is made using acrylic yarn, I would just wash it and lay it flat to dry. I’ve found that’s really all that is needed with most things.

Laying it flat to dry is essentially blocking it if you smooth it out and make it square (or whatever shape) even if you don’t pin it.

You should know though that acrylic will not stay blocked. I just toss it into the washer and dryer on gentle with low heat. In fact I just finished a cotton/acrylic sweater and it went into the washer/dryer this way. It looks great!

Just washing and drying is all you need to do for an acrylic baby blanket. It’s going to pretty much hold the same shape and size you knit it in.

If it’s not square pin it out square, steam it and it will stay.
Test on a swatch to see if you like what it does to the acrylic.

Steaming like that kills the acrylic so be aware of that.

That’s one reason I say to test it on a swatch. I like it killed, others may not. I think it gives it a drape like wool.

Another reason is while I think you’re safe with acrylic, a blend with something else may shrink.

Thank you all for your answers. I will give it a wash when I’m done and lay it flat to dry.
Have a good day!

I’m making an acrylic blanket but it will need to be blocked because its all a stockinette stitch. Likely the crocheted edge will keep it in place

Acrylic won’t block like wool items will unless you steam it.