Do I have this right?

I’m knitting the Baby Sweet Pea booties. I’m ready to bind off the first one and I want to make sure I have this right. The pattern reads:

Step 10: BO all sts in the following pattern: K2, slip 2 sts back onto left needle, k2tog tbl, k1. Repeat between ** for the rest of the rnd. Weave in loose ends.

So, if I’m reading this right, I knit two sts and knit them together, then knit one, then slip the k2tog over the k1. Then I do the k2, slip, k2tog again and slip the k1 over it and rinse repeat?

Also, when I’m done, how do I block these? They’re a little shapeless and the sts in the sock part are a little uneven from being knit Magic loop. Thanks in advance all!

Not quite. When you do the k1, you will have 2 sts on your right needle – the st formed from k2tog and your k1. You slip those 2 back onto the left needle, k them together through the back loop. So on and so on. You’ll notice that it tells you to repeat AFTER the initial k2, so you don’t repeat that part.

Okay, that makes so much more sense! Thanks!