Do certain needles work better with cotton that others?

Thanks for ANY info.

anyone? :shrug:

I really think its a personal preference, however having said that, I’ll give you my personal opinion.

To me cotton yarn is “grippy”. It doesn’t slide on needles as well as some “slicker” yarns, therefore I prefer metal needles with it.

There are of course exceptions to that such as GGH Mystic which is a cotton/viscose blend and very slippery. That to me works best on bamboo or a needle that has a little more “grip”. However, for normal dishcloth cotton I would never dream of using wood. It would frustrate me beyond measure.

I hope this helps. :cheering:

I don’t have any experience with cotton yet, but, from what I have used I find that natural fibers work well with natural needles (wood/bamboo) and man-made fibers work best with man-made needles.
When I try to knit acrylic with wooden needles they just get stuck. It’s like my needles are sticky or something. They slide much better on aluminum. Natural fibers DO work with metal needles though, but, I prefer to use bamboo when working with wool, cashmere, etc.
I’d imagine cotton would be good on either… if I were to knit with it I would try it on wood first. Good luck! :happydance:

ditto. I like using my Addis with cotton.

I recently made a hanging dishcloth out of mercerized cotton. The metal needles were the easiest for me out of the pile. However, the first few stitches of each row were slippy and the needle slipped out a few times. for me, the bamboo was too slow. I didn’t try plastic.

I would use metal needles, because cotton is a draggy yarn, unless it is mercerized. I use metal with both, though.

I can only knit cotton on metal needles. Like others said, it grips the other types too much, and that feeling of inelastic yarn dragging and sticking over needles is like nails on a chalkboard to me. If I have to knit acrylics or cotton or the raw type of silk, I can only do that on metal needles.

But wait, now that I think of it, maybe it’s something to do with the hardness/softness of those fibers, cuz I knit BSA cotton on rosewood needles with no problem, but don’t like knitting Elann’s Sonata on wood. hmmm.

Hmm, thanks for all the replies guys…

never used bambo needles on cotton…they caused too much fiction on the movement and it can strained your wrist !

used options or addi on cotton is the best !.. they knit speedy fast and slide like a rocket … that is my experience …and yes i knit alot with cotton …

I’m working on a sweater in 60% cotton right now, and I’ve found that metal needles work best. However, the only thing is, my hands sometimes get a little sweaty, so the cotton sticks even more because the metal needles get sticky, so I also tried plastic, but I like the metal better and have to wash my needles once and a while to get them to not be so sticky. When I had to knit the sleeves though, the longest pair of tens that I had was 16" bamboo circs, and I could barely get a row done because i was killing my wrist. So I would stay stick to metal or plastic.