Do all short rows require a wrap & turn.

Do all short rows require a wrap and turn? My pattern does not say.

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Wrap & Turn is one way to avoid small holes when you work short rows. In garter stitch you might not use any method since the density of the knit fabric minimizes holes. In other stitch patterns including stockinette there are methods like German short rows, shadow wraps, Japanese short rows, yarn over short rows in addition to wrap & turn.
So lots of techniques to choose from.
What is the name of your pattern and designer?

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The name is truly tranquil, coats and Clark archives pattern number 727.0004 – 6k

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Pattern link:

Where do the short rows happen? Between the blanket and the edging?

Looks like a lovely blanket.

Thank you for replying.

The short rows occur over row 4’s first 5 stitches (which make up the border. ) My issue is that the directions do not say whether I should wrap and turn (or any other stitch) in order to cover up the hole that is made by the short row. That is my issue. I don’t know if it’s an error in the directions, or if the holes are part of the design. I can’t tell by the pictures.


The reason for the short rows is to keep the border from pulling in and being shorter than the body of the blanket. I can tell you what I’d do. It looks like the border is worked in garter stitch. Is this correct? There are two ways I would try and see which one I like. I would turn and slip the (now) first stitch then continue knitting as usual. If I didn’t like the look of that I would knit or purl the first stitch of the body of the piece and then use the German short rows technique to make a double stitch. You could use whatever method you’re familiar with or most comfortable with.

This shows using wrap and turn short rows and explains the why of using them.



As salmonmac said, in garter stitch the wrap is often omitted. The directions don’t mention wrapping a stitch because they are instructing you to do “turn” short rows rather than “wrap and turn” short rows.

“Turn” short rows are the simplest kind, as all you do is turn your work at the appropriate point :slight_smile:

You can make a small swatch and test how the border looks with and without the wrap to see which one you prefer. You could also look through the projects on Ravelry and see whether anyone felt the need to add a wrap.

P.S. The small hole left turning without wrapping may well be invisible.

Thank you everyone. You have been very helpful. It is a garter stitch. I will try the pattern as written and hopefully it will work out, but, it’s good to have your opinions on alternate approaches if needed.


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