Do all knit scarves stretch?

I am knitting a basket weave scarf and my hubby wanted both ends to reach his waist. Simple stitches, with a 4 st repeat of 4 knits and 4 purls, which reverses every 6 rows. I was just remembering some posts I’ve read in the past about knitted scarves that grow and grow and become too long, and I began to worry about mine. Do all knitted scarves grow and stretch longer, or just certain stitches? :woohoo: If they do, then I probably shouldn’t make the ends waist length if they are destined to end up down to his legs(!), but how much less? I mean, more like 2" on both sides up from the waist or more like a foot on both sides up from the waist (!) ? Or is this not a problem at all and only certain stitches/patterns stretch? It is boob length on both sides hanging down right now, about 40" in total length. :knitting:

They don’t really grow that much, maybe a few inches if at all. And it depends on the yarn and st pattern you use; yours will be fine. The horror stories you heard about might have been for ribbon yarn and a drop stitch pattern that’s knit really loose. Keep going.

Some people also knit with needles that are much too big for the yarn. For a scarf, the knitting should be loose enough to still be soft and drapey, but tight enough so it doesn’t loose all shape. Play with it a bit to come up with the right combination.

I made a basketweave scarf and it really hasn’t stretched out that much and it’s been washed a few times already.

Thanks everyone. I have kept knitting all day and only have a few hours left of yarn and I’ll be done. I’m using 2 balls of Wool Ease in the dark green color and will continue on, since everyone thinks it’ll be ok :slight_smile: