Diy dpn?

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I have watched Amy’s video on making dpn and I remember seeing on here (somewhere) a web site that showed you how to do it and on that web site the girl also used some oil and baked the sticks in her oven to make them nice and smooth like the ‘clover’ dpns. Anyone else remember the site, if so please link it for me, thanks.
:shrug: :shrug:

I haven’t seen that but man, I want to now!

I don’t know about baking them but if you just go to your local hardware store and get some dowels, snap them apart in 5 places (they usually come in 3 ft lengths) put each end in a pencil sharpener you’re good to go. I use sandpaper to make them smooth then you can put bees wax or wood oil on them. I even tried polyurethane (sp?) to make them slick but that stuff just kinda builds up and doesn’t work well. Maybe some other toxic liquid for woodworking would be better. :shrug:

when i made one because I lost a DPN I just whittled the ends andthen sanded them with a couple different grades of sandpaper. After that I put them in the over for a few minutes to get them warm, and rub wax paper on them to give them a nice smooth coating! I don’t think it came out perfect… but it really worked in a pinch!

that’s a good idea too, I know there was a site that shoed lots of pictures of her making the needles, and one was about oiling them and then baking them on the cookie sheet. I keep looking and still cant find it…this is driving me crazy.