Divine Secrets of the Yarn Yarn Sisterhood

I’ve gotten my knitting group together, and would like to share a picture with you. This pic is from our second meeting, Sat. July 9 at a major book store (why give them a plug). As you can see in the photo, we hope to become a Stitch n’ B chapter for our region.

From the left we have Renee, Sharon, Carolyn, and Melanie. I’m on the right. Chris took the picture.

We’re six strong now, and are having a BLAST at our meetings!!!

[size=2]The Mod Squad was here - photo edited for size ;)[/size]

:cheering: Yay, wtg Denise, looks like you’ve got a great group! Is that your groups name, the Yarn Yarn Sisterhood? I LOVE it, what a great name!!! :inlove:

WOW! great D!

Great picture! It’s making me miss my knitting group. We meet once a month, but I haven’t been able to go in 3 months! :crying:

Yes, that’s our name! I love it, too. Carolyn came up with it, and I couldn’t ask for a better one if I tried. Thanks Amy!

Aww, sorry to hear that Silver!

Thanks hildie :slight_smile:

Oh, yay, what fun! :smiley: I’d love to be involved with a knitting group, but I’ve been unable to find anyone else who knits, or has a desire to do so. :frowning: Maybe it has to do with our mild winter climate, and the idea of wearing wool or knitted garments isn’t as appealing. :rollseyes: Of course, I do live in a small town, too. Meanwhile, I’ll group knit vicariously through those of you who do. :mrgreen:

Well, I didn’t know anyone who knit here, either. I didn’t know of a knitting group. So, I started one. I found some gals online who live up to 45 miles away, and believe you me they ARE willing to commute. We take turns meeting in different places, so that way no one is driving very far every meeting.

Try posting flyers in your area…it works. Church, school, craft shops, book stores, those are all great places.


What a great name! I have been trying without much success to get a knitting group started in my neighborhood. Maybe I’ll just have to break down and drive to the other side of town…looks like too much fun to keep missing!

Has any one tried meetup.com ? I found my knitting group there :thumbsup: .
But, meetup.com now charges 20.00 a month to advertise your group so others can find you :verysad: ( many people have left for that reason and gone to Yahoo groups that’s free (not so many hits either) but that’s another option :smiley: )[color=red] But, since many organizers have stepped down due to the new fee one could take over as an organizer to an already started group [/color]and I THINK :?? pay only 9 bucks instead of the new fee. Which in my opinion is cheap to have an excuse to be able to get out of the house :happydance: every Weds. night to knit with others who :heart: :XX: like I do. You could also ask every one to pitch in a dollar or 2 to help cover the cost I think that anyone could handle that.
Just my 2 cents…
and here’s my group (I’m an asst organizer) if you’d like to check it out :waving: .
I’m thrilled to have found this group!

I started mine on meetup, but then they started with the fees before we even had a meeting! Pretty hard to want to pay when I am not sure anything will even come of it. We did go to yahoo, but I don’t think there is as much exposure there :frowning:

True, But you could try it for a month or so and see how it does?

It was a bitter pill to swallow when they changed it from being free

to having being hit with a fee :help: but without it i’d be home doing the

same thing I do every night … cooking, doing the dishes, running after

the kids etc… No thanks, I relish my Weds. nights. I’ll pay to hang out

with other knitters :wink: !!!

Good point! Maybe I have to rethink that.

I LOVE the name…very, very cool!! Great picture, looks like ya’ll are having a blast :wink:

The picture of your group :XX: in a coffee shop in terrific… :thumbsup:

It is fun to knit with others isnt it and not alone :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for the well wishes! We do have a great time, and man were we blessed with meeting such a great bunch of gals.