Dividing stitches

Working on a top down raglan and am about to divide for the sleeves.

K16 for right front, place next 18 stitches on waste yarn or holder for right sleeve, cast on 5 sts, k34 for back…

Do those 5 cast on stitches become part of the back? What do I do with them.


It sounds like it, yeah. (Or more probably will be kind of a side – I’d imagine that the pattern calls for you to work the front/extra-cast-on/back as a solid unit, which will turn the sleeve stitches into a sleeve-shaped hole.)

Does the next row include a stitch count? If so, you can check whether it’s equal to 16+5+34 (+5+16 for left front, probably).

Those 5 kind of become the underarm. You’ll likely have to cast on stitches when you knit the sleeves. All the stitches on the needle when you separate the sleeves will join together to be one piece down to the bottom of the sweater.

Hi Ingrid,

I figured the extra stitches were for the underarm. I have done top down raglans, but never adding stitches for underam ease.

Later in the instructions it says to put the arm stitches back on the needle with RS facing begin at center st of underam cast on, pick up and knit 3 sts of cast on, work in k1, p1 rib across 18 sts, inc 1 in last st, pick up rem 2 sts (24 sts). Join and pm for beg of round.

Hopefully this all makes more sense as I am working on it, because right now the picking up of those 5 sts has my brain a little confused.


Instead of casting on 5 sts for the underarm of the sleeve, you’ll be picking up sts from the body CO. That way there will be no seams and it will make a lot of sense and work out very well once you get there.