Divide for neck help

hi there im totally new but im struggling big time im following a pattern can anyone exlain this to me

                                             dec.1st.at raglan edge on next and following 9alt.rows and at same time dec.1 st at neck edge of next and following 0 alt.rows then on every 4th row
                                                       thank you if u can help im so confused

I think the simplest thing to do with AT THE SAME TIME directions is to write them out row by row and check off the rows as you complete them. For the raglan (sleeve) edge decrease 1st on the next row (call it row 1) and then on rows 3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19. For the neck edge, decrease on row 1 and then on rows 5,9,13,17,21…for however many rows it tells you to continue the neck decreases.
You can make a checklist like this:
row 1 dec raglan-----dec neck
row 2
row 3 dec raglan
row 4
row 5 dec raglan-----dec neck
row 6
row 7 dec raglan
row 8
row 9 dec raglan----dec neck

thank you very very much ive being so stressed out with this ill try that now your a star