Dismayed, Disgruntled

About 20 years ago I crocheted a bedspread for my first son, thinking he would soon be getting married. He tarried quite long, and when he did marry, the bedspread was too small for his bed! So, I put it away, properly, in a clean pillowcase, and forgot about it. Big mistake. I took the thing out a few days ago and discovered tiny brown spots on it. There are no holes, (apart from the ones that pineapple crochet items are supposed to have) this is 100% cotton, and I’m certain I don’t have critters in it. I’ve stored crocheted and knitted projects in pillowcases for years, but I’ve never had this happen before. I’m looking for any helpful hints y’all might have about removing these spots so it can be used. Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.

Try soaking it in a soluion of Oxyclean and water

Thanks. I’ll have a go with this.