Dishcloth Yarns

Do I have to have specific Yarn for this or can I just go crazy with what I have?

I have a rather huge stash of Yarn that was donated to me recently and another load that I Freecycled - I’ll post pics when the camera sorts its head out. None of it - as far as I can tell is cotton, its all wool, acrylic, blends and the odd bit of fancy furry stuff.

The obvious concerns are shrinkage, colours running and generally not being useful dishcloth fabric.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

All the ones I have seen are made of cotton and I can’t imagine one working made of something else. Many people seem to use Sugar ‘n’ Cream? cheap from some American craft shop? cheapie department store?
Apparently lace ones are really good because the texture scrubs well and the lace makes them dry very quickly.

“Sugar and Creme” is from Lily. I think the cheapie one you’re referring to is “Peaches and Cream” that comes from WalMart.

I’d imagine the acrylics will probably be ok. Test out a small one to be sure.

The wool will probably felt while you’re washing dishes though…and fancy fur stuff will just get stuck all over you dishes so you have to wash them again.

I think acrylic would be good because it wouldn’t mold.

Thanks guys - I think I’ll use the wool as coasters and felt them anyway.

I’ll try the acrylic for one dishcloth and see what happens - I get the feeling it’ll be a bit ‘squeaky’ when wet though.

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The wool could be felted and used for potholders.



Had to chirp in on this – I have been using Sugar n Cream made by Lily. I really do like it – it is all cotton and works up well. I have washed and dried the cloths, and they have turned out well. I use some for face cloths and some for dishcloths. And the colors are great too. I vote for all cotton!! Some people use acrylic, but to me the cotton feels so much better in the water and as a “working cloth”! I found the Sugar n Cream at a Joann’s Superstore and they were they were the super size (I believe 4 oz. solid and 3 oz. multicolored) – it was a great price – $1.50 each. Not sure if they are still on sale. But even at their regular price, I do think it is a good product to use.

There are numerous free patterns available which are really fun and quick to knit too.


I have a bunch made of cotton (Sugar and Cream) and they work very well, but they look like crap from coffee stains, etc. This doesn’t affect their usefulness, but it bugs me.

Artlady made a bunch from Microspun (microfiber) and she liked them so I made a couple. They are very soft and pretty, but they don’t absorb as well as cotton. I notice the counters are wetter after wiping. Time will tell if they stain as I’ve not had them long enough.

I think I’m going to get some dark brown multicolors to make a new batch that will show less staining.

Oh and don’t use bleach! :doh:

My friend made me coasters from wool for Christmas - they are WONDERFUL! I’ve had her make me another set of 4! She did NOT felt them though because the sweat from the drinks actaully get them wet and they sort of felt up themselves with the liquid. I’m sure they would work just as well if you felted them yourself. I just know they are wonderful to have around everywhere! :happydance:

Thanks for all this guys - as I have so much yarn from Freecycle this is more like a stashbusting exercise than anything else so I think it’ll be coasters til Christmas at this rate.

Living in the deepest darkest UK I can’t get the Cotton yarns easily and especially not in the lovely sales you guys have over there. :verysad:


That seems really odd considering the type of weather you often have. Seems like you’d have lots of knitters making sweaters and such and there a need for yarn! :shrug:

Is the peaches and creaam too scratchy for a face cloth??

Jan said
That seems really odd considering the type of weather you often have. Seems like you’d have lots of knitters making sweaters and such and there a need for yarn! Shrugging shoulders

You’d think! When you find and LYS in the UK its usually a good one - but they are few and far between unfortunately.

I have knit so many dishcloths using Sugar ‘n’ Cream, and where are they now? In the rag bag, where they belong. What a sorry yarn for a tough job like kitchen duty. Don’t get me wrong, they look pretty enough to start with…but under pressure, they fold!
I recently used up some Stash Yarn (MicroSpun) for a baby blanket, and had left over for some dishcloths! They have proved to be the best thing I ever did! They hold up well under many kitchen tasks, dry fast, and wash/dry without fading or shrinking. They also soak up liquids well, and pick up crumbs really well! FINALLY…a dishcloth that I love, and that loves me! :heart:

They are lurrrvley!

Sorry to be dumb but is Microspun acrylic? :wall:

microspun is one of the most delightfully soft yarns you will find out there. good colors and just squishy to feel up.

sadly it also sucks from my experience! :wall:

I found it very splitty when I knit it. The dishcloths are just so pretty…I wish it were more absorbent.

MicroSpun: yes, it is a microfiber. After washing, it becomes more absorbent. It is ‘splitty’. I used ADDI’s rather than KPO’s. The ADDI’s blunter tip helped prevent splitting. So far, it has been excellent for dishcloths, IMHO. My only other dishcloth experience was with Sugar’n’Cream. :pout:
However, Sugar’n’Cream has proved to be excellent for an aran baby blanket…and a little sweater for my granddaughter. Both of my daughters know that they have to handwash/lay flat to dry when they want something knit with 100% cotton. I show them one of those sad dishcloths and say: “THIS is what your blanket (sweater) will look like if you machine wash/tumble dry…” :teehee:

Oh! Good to know it becomes more absorbent! Thanks for that info.