Dishcloth "Scrubbies" (Cotton/Nylon Netting)

If you have made these and use them, how do they hold up?

I made several a couple of years ago and I use them all of the time to wash dishes and wipe down the table and countertops after meals. I use them for about a week – air drying on the edge of the sink between uses – and then I wash them with my whites (hot water, oxyclean and bleach.)

I noticed yesterday that the scrubbie I was using didn’t have any netting on it anymore. The cotton seems to be holding up fine (although a bit faded) but there wasn’t a speck of netting to be found. I have been noticing that I have to scrub stubborn spots a little harder, but I didn’t realize why. :slight_smile:

I have four that I more or less rotate through – they are all the same size and color but some are more worn than others. I haven’t checked the others to see their state.

They seem to still work pretty good.

What I am wondering is if anyone else has had this happen or if it is just me? How do you wash yours? Do you replace them and how often?

I have the materials to make more – I use them as a Road Trip project and we haven’t gone anywhere in the last couple of years so haven’t made any for a while. I’m wondering if it is worth the hassle of continuing the netting + cotton or if I should go cotton only (maybe cotton + acrylic?) or netting only.

I’ve never knitted scrubby dishcloths like yours, but I have crocheted scrubbies. Mine were either all cotton or all nylon net, but I like the notion of a cotton/net mix.

I washed according to fabric directions, and still have several.

But as for the truly important question: to knit more or not? I’d have to say that if you like them, and like making them, go for it!