Dishcloth dress

I am making some dish cloth dresses. However, I am a little confused about it. The pattern is from Leisure Arts, and I also looked online for a tutorial. (nothing available) I am going to paraphrase.

For the top, you knit 4 stitches, cast off 5, then knit the remaining 4 (4 stitches each side of dress). But after that you bind off all stitches on one side, then it gives instructions for the second side. There is no info about whether or not you cut the yarn… I didn’t cut it. I turned the work to do the other side, and then both sides were hooked together by the working yarn. Then you are supposed to chain crochet around the neckline- (which I assume is to make the hanger part for the dress). Anyway, I was wondering if it was okay that I left the yarn joined.

If you don’t mind the loop of yarn connecting the 2 shoulders then that’s fine. Maybe you can tack it down to the bodice at some point?
The pattern should tell you to cut the yarn after the first shoulder and reattach a new strand to finish the 2nd shoulder.

Thanks! It didn’t mention to do that, thanks for clearing up my confusion!