Discontinuednamebrandyarn.com....secure website? >>

I don’t see anything on the site, including the checkout page that says that it is secure. I’m very leery about putting financial info on a site that doesn’t have more protection.


i believe that it is secure, but remember, if there is a phone number, call them and start interrogating.

Or call and place your order over the phone…

good idea Suzeeq!

I’ve ordered from the “yarn girls” several times and never had any 'puter problems that I know of. The only thing that holds me back is there high s/h charges.

Secure websites indicate that they are, usually very clearly on the checkout page.
What makes you believe that it is secure?

It is a secured checkout. When in the cart page, the address begins with HTTPS:\ that extra S stands for Secure. Also at the bottom of your screen there should be a padlock icon that when you hover over it tells you the site has 128-bit encryption. Of course, if you are still unsure, it is always best to go with your gut.

Well, there is no padlock icon, but I had forgotten about the https deal. Thanks!

Thanks for this information! I didn’t know any of this…

I can’t seem to get to the site-- I keep getting a no-domain response. Is it just me?. . .

Yep, the https:// should be the first thing you look for.

I couldn’t get to it yesterday, either.

I :heart: :heart: :heart: dbny. I order from them WAY MORE than I should and have never had any difficulty.

I don’t buy from any website when I can’t visibly see that little gold padlock.

I’ve backed out of numerous purchases because the padlock was not visible.

http://www.discontinuedbrandnameyarn.com/ Try this link.

Not to make you any more paranoid, but the https security only encrypts the data sent between your computer and the server. It says nothing about how your credit card info is stored on their servers or what becomes of it after the order is processed. I have seen some sites that just take take the credit card info and send in plain unencrypted text as an email (bad). Others will store the credit cards unencrypted in a database (worse). I even came across a site that was storing the orders with the credit card info in a text file which any hacker person could discover by looking at the source code for the order form page (OMG!). Scary stuff! This last one was on a local community college web site that was offering web development classes :slight_smile:

As a web developer, I know how hard it is to create a water tight security protocol. Big online stores and banks devote teams of people and throw a ton of money at this problem and still get cracked sometimes. So anytime I order from a site that isn’t Amazon, or another reputable seller I pick up the phone and place my order. If a store uses Paypal, I’ll use that as it puts the security burden on Paypal and the store never gets my credit card info.

For the KH Knit Shop, we just pass the information directly to the merchant processing gateway. We never come in contact with the credit card number. We let the bank’s servers handle it.

I also work for a web hosting company and you’d be surprised at the number of fraudulent orders we receive from scammers using stolen credit cards. They are obviously getting these cards from somewhere, and most likely it’s from sites with bad security practices.

So think twice, even when you see the https://. It’s easier to pick up the phone and order than it is to deal with identity theft and all the problems that can occur if thieves get your info.

Thanks, Sheldon! Good to hear from an expert. I’ve been accused of being overly cautious when it comes to online shopping. However, I work in a computer technology field so I know my concerns are justified. You can’t be too careful when it comes to this.

There are lots of ways to protect yourself when shopping “online”. I use Paypal when ever possible as they have pretty tight security.

I also have a secure bank card I use only for web purchases. It guarantees I cannot be liable for any more than $50.0o in fraudulant charges. My credit union calls and verifies any purchases over $100.00 and I have a $300.00 daily limit on it. If I am making a large purchase I call them ahead of time and tell them how much and who.

Oh, BRANDname, not name brand!:slight_smile: . They actually do have a padlock symbol, but mine came up at the top of the page, instead of the bottom. But here’s a question-- I wonder if there’s more hacking of bigger companies (more loot) or smaller (easier to crack)? TJ Maxx got hit last year, but with all of their sister stores (Homegoods, etc.), that must have been extremely profitable. Would hackers bother with a small yarn shop? This is not my area of expertise in any way, shape or form, and I guess I don’t think like a hacker:) , but it seems logical to me that they would go for the bigger stuff. Yes?. . .No?. . . Iwonder if there are any statistics out there on this.

I definitely made a mess of the name, eh? :slight_smile:

Well, I ordered. Hopefully everything will be okay. If I had read Sheldon’s post, I wouldn’t have. I’ll know next time to look for more than the ‘s’.

Thanks everyone!