Discontinued 3 Suisses wool

I’ve got a pattern from the early 90’s that requires 3 Suisses Mayfair wool. I can only find people selling off oddments on line. Could anyone suggest an alternative? Tension is 5.5mm kneedles, 12 stitches and 28 rows to 10 cm

What is the pattern you’re making?
I haven’t seen a yarn that has 12 stitches and 28 rows but maybe someone else here knows of one. None of the yarns I’ve loo,Ed at have anywhere near so few stitches to the ratio of rows.

If you have the pattern name you might be able to find out which yarns others have used for it on ravelry?

Looks like it has a fluffy/brushed texture with a slight boucle effect. (True boucle has little sections curling up on themselves. The Mayfair looks to have a binder thread giving a more subtle wibbly wobbly look.)

Weight appears to be aran or above.

Here’s a link to some for sale that might help:

Unfortunately the photo doesn’t show the part of the ball band with recommended needle sizes.

This pattern listed online calls for 4mm and 5mm needles:

(See second photo)

Are you wanting to get something very similar to the original yarn, or would you be happy with something that knits to the right tension and has a somewhat similar look?

(I am ignoring the 12 sts to 28 rows from your pattern and going by needle size and look – 12 sts and 28 rows to 10cm must be in a stitch pattern other than stockinette.)

There are yarns available now with mohair or brushed effects (sometimes alpaca or angora rather than mohair), but boucle is less common.

I think you could get a nice effect with a brushed alpaca or mohair blend. Be aware that you may not be able to get the exact gauge of the original yarn.

Here’s my suggestions based on the assumption that you are in the UK:

Drops Alpaca Boucle
Will give a more pronounced boucle effect than the Mayfair as it is a true boucle

Rowan Kid Classic
Will give a fluffy effect rather than a wibbly wobbly one

[https://www.woolwarehouse.co.uk/yarn/drops-air-all-colours](http://Drops Air)
Again, a fluffy effect

There are some more obscure options, but I’ve stuck to those easily available in the UK. If you want to hunt down other matches, try Yarnsub.com. Enter “boucle” and “mohair”, “alpaca” or “angora” in your search terms.