After knitting half of one sock decided to put that on hold and go for a dishcloth… I have two on the needles, one of them is a KAL and one finished…

Those are cute! I keep thinking I should knit some dishcloths but I’d hate to do all that hard work just to wipe dirty dishes with them. :roflhard:

Thank you!

I figured I needed some practice with 100%cotton… it has always given me trouble… :doh:

Your stitches are so even! Beautiful! :yay:


Great dishcloths!

Just finished the paw print… I think I will start another one in a few… I am excited!!

:cheering: Very nice :cheering:

Great job on those cloths!

Excellent! Love the colors! :cheering:

Can you share the pattern. I have several Clemson Tiger fans in my family and at my work. It could be a good Christmas gift Idea. I’m real new to knitting but would love to try. Or could you tell me where to find it. Great job.

This is the pattern… :slight_smile: All my in-laws love cats… I am considering making a bunch of this for presents too…

Thanks Melissa. I am new to this but I may just try this pattern. Thanks for sharing.