Disch cloth = Napkin?

I am in the process of maing placemats out of 100% egyptian cotton and was wondering if I could use the same yarn to make napkins? How would they hold up? Is a dishcloth the same as a napkin or are there different patterns for napkins?


I tried googling for napkin patterns,but only came up with napkin rings. It seems you’d have to use a very fine yarn and a small needle to make them smooth enough. I suppose any dishcloth pattern would work if you wanted them to be bulkier.

Napkins? Well I have a very messy 10 year old and I would hate to see him dirty up something I worked hard on. Although I could see myself getting some plain old white linen and embroidering something on it. Or maybe a lacy crochet edge?

LOL! We actually prefer cheap, paper napkins (even for holidays) at our house and that’s with 2 adults!! :rofling: