Disappointed with Vanna's Choice

I am knitting up a wrap with Vanna’s Choice yarn by Lion Brand. I am not really thrilled with it. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, but the ply unravels pretty easily. I got the yarn at $2/skein as a promotion. I really wouldn’t pay more than that for it. IMHO. :knitting:

Rats! :tap: I’m sorry to hear that. I just bought some of that yarn last week to have in my stash. I LOVED the color of it and it felt so soft.

Darn it - I recently bought some in the Autumn colorway as I saw a sweater I want to make for my boys on Lion Brand’s website.:gah:

I saw it at JoAnnes yesterday and didn’t like the feel of it AT ALL!!!

Yep, had the same funky problem a few months back…Bought 4 rolls of that __it!!! The store WOULD NOT REFUND/RETURN IT…so I went to plan B…Continously bugged Lion Brand (emails, calls etc) until they replaced the yarn with Cotton Ease…oh, by the way I hate that stuff too…Cheley

I think it’s a little scratchy, but I made two hats with it for Christmas, and they turned out very nicely. It’s not cashmere or malabrigo, but it works.:slight_smile:

I didn’t have the unraveling problem.

Just wanted to add my positive comments to postings about the Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn – I have been working on a Log Cabin blanket from Mason Dixon book using only the Vanna’s choice on size 7 needle (probably about 16 skeins so far). Haven’t had any problems with any of it – no knots or splitting, etc. And I am extremely pleased with the look of it and the feel of it. The colors are wonderful, and I think it is one of the nicest acryllics I have ever worked on. Sorry to hear of other people who were not happy with it.

Sorry to hear that =/ I’m using it right now to make fingerless mitts because the person I’m making them for can’t have wool. It is splitting for me but I think that’s because I’m using a smaller needle (size 5). I agree with nancydee, it is the nicest acrylic I’ve used so far. I think it’s a very good alternative to most yarns you get at Michels, Ac Moore etc that is animal free.

The colour was beautiful, but I have yet to use it.

I’m using Vanna’s Choice in the Autumn Print colorway for an entrelac scarf.

It does split a bit, but I’ve learned that you have to have needles with sharp points to be able to pick up the stitches without too much splitting. I’m using some Bryspun size 8 needles with this yarn.

Great!!! You must have been “lucky” enough to get a “nice” batch…mine was purchased at “Michaels”…it’s a local craft store here…

I made a hoodie for my DGS in the Autumn colorway. I used #7 OPtions needles and had no splitting problem. The hoodie gets softer with each wash.

me too

I don’t generally care much for acrylic, but have used Vanna’s for 2 projects and had no issues with it. One was a dog sweater which I figured would be washed often so I didn’t want to use wool. current project I’m doing right now also needed to be easily washable.

In fact, it’s been so nicely usable, I’m buying a variety of colors for my Mom’s birthday present next week. She crochets charity afghans and blankets.

I’m sorry Vanna’s Choice didn’t work out for you. I have found through personal experience that a lot of Lion Brand yarns are splitty and difficult to work with, which is a shame because it’s widely available and reasonably priced. Well, some of it is. I’m still shocked that Homespun is almost $8/skein in my area.

Yeap, Homespun is pricier in my area too, but I still don’t know why because it is not a super great yarn. As for Vanna’s… I have experience that split in the vest finsihing. I hate to drop the stitches to re-knit the one that looks splited. But it’s not that bad for the price and the colors. Still it could have been a better yarn if we consider all the advertisement the did around it.

Hmm, sad to hear about that. I used it for a scarf and changed colors (and frogged it quite a few times in the process!) and never had one problem with it. It turned out quite nice and held up.

I’ve been using it and it seems nice enough to me. Maybe a tad splitty, but otherwise I like it.


Yeap, Homespun is pricier in my area too, but I still don’t know why because it is not a super great yarn. [/QUOTE]

:noway: Wow – I get all in a huff when it’s $4.99 / skein – I can’t imaging $8! :shock:

Fortunately, I’m using it on an on again /off again project and I think I can get a way with buying one skein at a time to finish it off – using my 40% off coupons. :wink: (Long story short – I think I onlyl need four more skeins to finish it.)

I haven’t tried Vanna’s but I love to look at it! I don’t mind acrylic and it’s on my list of yarns to try. :thumbsup: Thanks for the heads up about the splitting – I’ll want to start with one skein to see if I have trouble or not. :knitting:

oh, something I forgot to add about Vanna’s … In the first skein I used I found loose strands of yarn that came out while I was knitting. Fortunately none of them happened to be the one I was knitting with.