Dirty Jobs -- Alpaca shearer!

See how much hard (and dirty!) work it is to get us beauuuuuuutiful yarn!

This Tuesday at 9:00


hm, I don’t know about the list, because I don’t see sewage cleaner there.

Thanks so much!!! Though I know sheep shearing is waaaay dirtier - unless he gets sprayed by the alpaca. I love this show.

And he has done the sewer cleaner thing. It was putrid to think about, knee high in poo.

Mike Rowe, the host guy on Dirty Jobs, can shear my alpaca anytime. :roflhard: Did I say that out loud? :aww: BAD DENISE :mrgreen: Anywho, to quote Paris Hilton :zombie: “He’s Hot.” Although most of the time, the show itself causes me to :ick:

Oh yeah - I sooo know what you’re talking about!!! :eyebrow: Why is he so darn appealing? Even knee deep in poo.

Girl, I second that. I told DH that I may have to make Mike Rowe my boyfriend if we ever met. hehe.

I swear every weekend they seem to run a marathon of his shows. My hubby loves it. Some of that stuff really turns my stomach. I’m such a girl sometimes. :teehee:

Oh yeah! He’s a hunk, and he’s funny (and he can obviously laugh at himself)! But I have to wonder how many times he’s gonna get poop or other icky stuff in his mouth before he learns to keep it closed while he working!!! :zombie:

Ew! I know! How about when he gets insecticide in his mouth! I think he’s seriously shortened his life span.

I think we should all write in suggesting dirty jobs that are shirtless. :eyebrow:

Yes! :cheering: A “We Want Mike Rowe Shirtless!” petition drive! Count me in! :teehee:

I love this show! My favourite was when he was trapped in bat poo in cave and started to quietly panic: “What a stupid way to die.”

I like Worst Jobs in History better than Dirty Jobs, but the host isn’t nearly as cool.

Wow… alpaca look so odd shaved!

They usually spray each other. I love the tables for shearing - much easier than sheep shearing! And their fur is so much cleaner than a sheep’s.

Sigh - I got to see the Calistoga mud bath episode too. To think he was only 40 minutes away. :heart:

As soon as the first alpaca was off the table and walking away my DH was cracking up laughing by how funny they look! Those silly skinny necks are too cute! Also, why did they have to show spinning? Now I want to learn even more!!! :teehee:

Those alpaca have such sweet faces. You’d think something with that sweet face wouldn’t SPIT like that :ick: . BTW :woohoo: WooHoo! When Mike finished at the Hawiian farm place (What was that called??? :?? ), off came the shirt! :thud:

The Taro farm - or did you want the name of the farm?

If you like that shirtless scene (be still my heart :heart: ), you really have to see the one from Season 2 at the mud bath - esp. the outtakes during the end credits: Look for ‘cheese maker’ epi -
Show Title: Cheese Maker
Dirty Jobs: Zoo keeper, cheese maker, volcano mud bath mixer (spa technician)

:cheering: Thank you, Thank you, Thank You! :notworthy: TARO. I have tired to remember the name of that poi vegetable thing ALL DAY. (Yep, slow day at work) And YES :happydance: I saw the mud bath episode. That’s one hitchhiker I’d pick up any day! :whistle:

hahahahaha the mud bath episode -

“the ash is in.”


“aaand, the ash is in.”


Ohhh yes, I remember the mud bath episode and the outakes from that episode well. :eyebrow: I love that show. I TIVO it and never miss it. How could you with Mike Rowe as the host???

I’d listen to him read a phone book.