Direction clarification

I am knitting from Fashion-Plus Knits by Leisure Arts. Its Bess’ V-Neck Lace Pullove if anyone has the book. The pattern has 5 sizes, I am making the 3rd size in a #[A, B, C, D] Im making the B size

I just split the neck line and am working back to the split.

Here are the insturctions and what I think it means (im guessing Im wrong) anyone have any other perspective.

Working both sides at the same time, dec 1 st at each neck edge {every 2nd row, then every 4th row] 4 times (dec 8 sts each side), then every 2nd row 5 times. At the same time…blah blah (talks about the arm holes.[/color]

What I think it means, for my size, maybe.

[color=indigo]I split with at 2tog ssk on the knit row. so id purl this entire row, the knit the next, and each knit row (every 2nd) until the 8 decreases are completed.[/color]

Im confused by the info in the []. Becuase every 2nd and every 4tn would just be the calling for the same rows…no?

Help. :slight_smile:

Would it mean this

Knit 1st
Knit 2nd w/decrease
knit4row with decrease

Then repeat this 4 times. You would still have 8 decrease.

I’m not an expert, but it’s a guess.
You know who would know…that’s Ingrid. You could private message her and ask if she doesn’t catch this post in a day or so.


That’s what I get, too. Decrease on the second row, and then every 4th row until you get to 8 decreases. Then you dec every knit row for the next set of decreases.

so next woudl be another 3 knit rows a k descres row etc. Yes?

Thank you ladies for your help.

Times like these I really wish I would have been able to learn from my Grandma Ruthy when she was still with us.


Okay…I have a question…

If its as you say…

why are the purl rows not counted in the 4th? It says every 4th row, not ever 4th K row.

:oops: I think you’re right. Decrease on the second row and then on every 4th row–you should still count the p rows.

K the split row
k dec
k dec
k dec and every 4th row until you get to 8.


Its okay :slight_smile: I did do one the way we first figured…and then I looked at it and though…this will make the vneck go down to my knees :slight_smile:

:eyebrow: Some people would like that! :rofling:

I’m glad you caught it!

ROFL True. Maybe Ill have to try that on my next one…after Bombshel from Big Girl Knits.

ooooo when are you starting bombshell? I was thinking about doing boobalicious sine my other tank didn’t work out…

Soooo…very very soon I hope. I have to get this one done and hten Tempting from Knitty done for my sister. Then Bombshell probbaly.

But for now…another clarification.

Heres it is, for the sleeve, I have finished the lacework/ribbing…

Continue in St st, inc 1 st each end of every 10th row 2[[color=red]0[/color],0,0,0] times, every 8th row 5[[color=red]7[/color],1,0,0] times, every 6th row 0[[color=red]1[/color],9,7,7] times and every 4th row 0[[color=red]0[/color],0,5,5] times.

Work even on 54[[color=red]56[/color],60,64,64] sts until Sleeve measures desireed length.

Okay we started with 4 stitches on the sleeve. And we need to end up with 56 for the size I am making (in red) So we need to increase a total of 16 stiches or on 8 differnt rows. Im okay with that…

Okay…nevermind…it helps when I stick with the same size through the whole attempts :oops: The red helped me see that hehehe :thumbsup: