Digital version of Verena Magazine

FYI did you know Verena now has their entire magazine online now?

if you have a subscription with them, just enter in your email address and click on get your password and they will email your password to you. You also have access to bonus patterns.

the bonus is I haven’t received my hardcopy of the winter issue yet but I can access the online version of it already.

The fall and winter issues are online right now.

Total happiness. :woot: :woot:

'd like to preview before i subscribe do they have that option?

They did before. but when I just when on they are doing a slide show of current and past patterns. I got the subscription when they started in the US with the summer issue. I think its a great magazine. 50 patterns in each issue. it includes kids and mens patterns. and they come in a large variety of sizes. and a variety of models.

Don’t know about previewing the magazine but if you do the free registration you get 5 free patterns to DL. This months patterns are really cute. You also get access to a lot of other things like book reviews on new knitting books and such.

I found this and it sold me, I am not sure if you have to register to see it, but I did and loved the free patterns. I think the digital idea is great, saves me space in my small house.