Differnce between "KFB K2" and "KFB KS, KFB K2"?

This sounds silly but I can’t quite see what the difference is. Can someone help please? I have been knitting it seams forever and maybe I am still asleep but…it makes no sense.

pattern says:

[B]“KFB K2” repeat**[/B] end of round (12 sts)
"KFB K3" repeat** end of round (15 sts)
"KFB K4" repeat** end of round (18 sts)
[B]“KFB K2, KFB K2” repeat** [/B]end of round (24sts)

How is the first bold line different than the second bold line? And how did we get from 18sts to 24sts? The answer is probably right in front of my face but I’m lost!

Can anyone help please?

“Irish Mottie Knits”

KFB is an increase so for the first three lines you’re increasing 3 stitches per row or round. I don’t know, but I suspect that last bold line with the double KFB K2 is an error. It’s probably either supposed to be something else or not there at all. You’re going from 18-24 because you’re still increasing.

When asking questions it would help us help you if we knew what you’re making, how many were cast on, and if you have a pattern link or even just the pattern name it would help even more. :thumbsup:

As Jan said, the first three rows you’re increasing 3 sts each one, then because you have more sts to begin with, by repeating kfb, k2, you’re going to get 6 more sts. And the extra ‘kfb, k2’ is probably a typo.

Thank you for the help suzeeq & Jan in CA. I appreciate the advice on posting too! The pattern is actually a freebie of really cute strawberries posted on Flickr & Ravelry by pezdiva. Link is below.

Happy Saturday Knitting!
“Irish Mottie Knits”


Okay, I think it’s just an error. It makes no sense to write it twice there if the others aren’t. You could PM her on Rav to ask about it, too.

BTW…those are cute!

Thanks! I thought I was loosing it! You know when you get so stuck on the words that you can’t following the technique? Good idea to catch her on Ravelry-I’ll do that! Super cute-my youngest daughter got a “big girl kitchen” over the holidays so she needs fruit-or at least that’s what she said. So the ever so obedient knitting mama is knitting fruit!

Have a good one and Happy New Year!

Oh how neat! There are lots of fruit patterns I think. :thumbsup:

That’s cute! Nice she wants some healthy food for her kitchen and not filling it with donuts!!