Different Yarn for Pattern?

[FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]Hello All! I love coming to this forum because you guys are great! Happy Holidays!

On to my question…

I am knitting this stocking for Christmas: http://castonerika.blogspot.com/2008/08/two-needle-christmas-stocking.html

Excluding the snowman, I am doing this pattern. Now, my dilemma is that I am using Lion Brand Holiday Homespun for this project but I have no idea how to alter the pattern for the yarn I have. What I would like are some math suggestions to figure out how to alter this. As far as patterns are concerned, altering using math always had me stumped because I never knew what math to use!

Suggestions please…

Thanks a lot!


You could make the stocking as is, but it will come out larger than the original. That would be the simplest, and you could follow the pattern exactly.

Because of the shaping involved, it would be difficult to give an exact math formula.

If you want the stocking closer to the size of the original, you could subtract say, 10 stitches from the center and keep the shaping the same.