Different way to hold yarn?

I read somewhere that you can hold your yarn in your left hand when you’re knitting, or your right hand if you’re a leftie. What is this called? Where can I find a video demo? I’ve heard that it makes doing purl/knit/purl/knit stitches much easier.

Are you talking about continental knitting? That’s Amy’s preferred method–check out this page.

Continental is much easier for me than english too. :thumbsup:

I hold my yarn in my left hand when knittingand purling right-handed, but in my quest to be wierd, I learned how to knit “backwards” (from left to right) which is how some lefties do it… when I knit/purl that way, I hold the yarn in my left hand too, but then I am throwing instead of picking (and I kind of throw the other way too)

Man, that wasn’t helpful at all, was it? I am confusing myself! :thinking:

I used to hold my yarn in my left hand and throw (left-handed English or something :smiley: ), but I’ve gradually started knitting the proper Continental way - I guess it would be picking the yarn with the needle rather than throwing. While I was getting used to that, I was still throwing for my purl stitches. Now I’m finally getting used to proper Continental purling. I’ve never tried holding the yarn in my right hand. I’m totally right handed by the way. And I’m going to learn English style so I can do two-color knitting.