Different way to hold needles

I recently watched a Carol Duvall show where a woman demonstrated holding knitting needles as if she were holding pencils. She developed this method for the ease of handling the needles and it is better for people with arthritis. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear the name of the book or the woman demonstrating.

Does anyone know about this method or where I might find more information or instructions?

I’m a beginner and am having a hard time holding the needles and thought this might be a good method for me.

Someone said it may be the Continental method, but I don’t think so. If anyone has any information, I would be very grateful!! :??




This is just a search of her shows with knitting as the topic, if you can narrow it down by date, you might be able to find it!

There’s a description of that needle hold in The Knit Stitch (Book One of The Knitting Experience) by Sally Melville, I think that’s her preferred method of holding needles. In fact, I believe it was once (Victorian era maybe?) considered more “upper class” and “ladylike” to hold knitting needles like pencils, and the way most of us hold needles now was considered to be more “peasant”. Interesting how things go in and out of fashion :lol:

It’s the same way with crocheting… the pencil hold is considered more “ladylike” and delicate, while the knife hold is considered to be more rudimentary. Funny thing is, the pencil hold contributes more to CTS and other hand pains than the knife hold! :??