Different types of heels

I’m wondering if anyone can help shed light on the difference between these heels (because I’m too lazy to actually knit them up!

Heel 1:
s1 k(x), ssk, k1
s1 p(y), p2tog, p1
s1, k(x-1), ssk, k1
s1 p(y-1), p2tog, p1

Heel 2:
s1 k(x), ssk
s1 p(y), p2tog
s1, k(x-1), ssk
s1 p(y-1), p2tog

Heel 3:
s1 k(x), s1, k1, psso
s1 p(y), p2tog
s1, k(x-1), s1, k1, psso
s1 p(y-1), p2tog

What is the practical difference between these?

Also, as an aside, how many stitches do you usually start your heel off with?

I have 32 st on my needles, and I’ve heard the 2/3 rule (ie s1, k2/3 of the way across, ssk, turn, s1, p to end of centre 3rd, p2tog) but was wondering how other people do it?

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help.

Are you doing top-down or toe-up? What type of heel are you doing? Short row? Fleegle? Sweet Tomato? Flap? Something else? I use 1/2 the total stitches for the heel on short rows, I think Sweet Tomato heels call for about 2/3. Others, I just have no idea. I don’t know what the difference in the stitch patterns you ask about are unless I work them myself.

Maybe if we knew what pattern you’re using, can you link to it or does it have a name?

The pattern I’m knitting at the moment is a modified version of Summer Lovin (http://knittingnonstop.blogspot.co.nz/2009/07/summer-lovin-socks.html) - a joy to knit, by the way! They’re top down - I always knit top down.

I’m not sure of the name of the heel it uses, but there are 32 st on the needles, it says to s1, k18, ssk, k1, turn, s1, p7, p2tog, p1, turn.

I wondered about it because I’ve seen a bunch of different heels lately but only ever knit the ones without the extra stitch after the decrease (I’ve been calling this a short row heel, but to be fair, I think all heels are shortrows), and wondered what the difference would be. Maybe I’d like them better!

Your pattern calls for a heel flap and I’ve never done heel flaps, I always knit toe-up and usually do short row heels, worked on half the stitches. I think others here have done heel flaps and will better understand what you want to know and be able to help you. Meanwhile, I think I’ll look at knitting heel flaps and try to see what you want to know. I really like the socks you linked to.

Sorry - perhaps I should clarify. I’m happy with the heel flap, it’s the heel turn I’m asking about.

I’ve been knitting socks for a while, but just blindly followed patterns and never really thought about what I was doing. Now I’ve got a favourite heel flap it makes me think there might be a better heel turn out there too!

Thanks so much for your help so far, and for being so lovely and welcoming! :muah:

:o I just checked out Sweet Tomato heels. WOW! It’s so smooth. I might have to try another toe up sock!

Thanks so much for drawing it to my attention!

:rofl: While I was looking around about heel flaps I got sidetracked with Double Stitch Short Rows! I’ve crocheted heel flaps but never knit them. Go figure. Now I have to see what turning a heel with a flap is all about…

There’s not much difference is the 3 patterns you list in your first post. The extra stitch on the end of heel 1 gives you a bit neater edge. I like the ssk over the sl1, k1, psso because, for me it’s less obvious.
I always learn so much about socks here, I love it! It’s fun to try the different heel patterns or sock directions and it keeps the knitting exciting. How about these for heels (as beautifully knit by auburnchick here)?