Different hell turn than pattern

Hi, hopefully I posted this in the in the right section. I’m going to knit the men’s hiking sock by bruce weinstein. The Heel is worked over 22 stitches.They turn the heel using a round heel(knit 2 past the center, decrease, work k1 turn,slip 1 purl 5, decrease purl 1, turn, etc). When you work it out his way, after the heel you have 14 stitches on the needle. After you work the gussest and pick up all the stitches (11 from each side), you have a total of 66 stitches and then you work it until you’re back to the original 52 stitches. I would like to substitute the round heel for the dutch/square heel. I tried just knitting the heel/turn and i end up with 8 stitches left on the needle. If i pick up the 11 stitches like the pattern says and add back in the instep stitches (30), I end up with only 60(8+11+11+30) stitches, thats a difference of of 6 stitches I guess my questions is–

  1. How do I substitue heels turns in patterns?
  2. Does it matter what my stitch count is after i turn the heel and pick up the gusset as long as i decrease back to the original amount?
  3. If I do number 2, will that affect the fit?
  4. by chance, does anyone know the minimum amount of stitches you need to do a dutch heel or a modified dutch heel, like could you do it with 16 stitches?
    Sorry if this long but i was all set till the numbers stopped adding up. Thanks!
    here is a link for different heel types and what they look like if it helps