Different Cable Stitches(Patterns)

Hello, I’m new around here but not to knitting. I used to go to the library and check out this one book that they had. I forgot the name of it and it was really worn out and they have to stop loaning out after a while. It had all kinds of stitches, hundreds of them. They also had about 50 or so different cable patterns from different parts of the world.

I am trying to find different cable patterns on the net and not having to much luck. Maybe I am asking the wrong question in the search engines. I have only found 3 patterns besides the standard cable. Any suggestions? :doh:

Here’s one place. I would try a Google search using the term Aran rather than cable. There should be plenty.

There are some here (you’ll have to click through…not ALL of them are cable patterns, but many are:

Here (same thing about the clicking):

A BASIC cable here:

Good luck! Have fun! :thumbsup: