Differences in Bernat Velvet and Bernat Baby Velvet?



Are there any huge differences between Bernat velvet and Bernat baby velvet? I’m knitting a two-tone kinda blanket (sorry if that’s not the right lingo, I can only make scarves and blankets haha) and the regular Bernat Velvet yarn doesn’t have a good color match to the other yarn I bought, but the Bernat baby velvet does. Will it ruin the blanket if I use both kinds of Bernat yarn? Thanks in advance!



I have not used either of these but I had a quick look on Yarnsub and it seems they are different weights (one is bulky and one is heavy worsted). Not sure if you can get away with using a slightly bigger needle on the baby velvet or whether it will look strange. You could see if there is a better match / colour combination with another yarn on Yarnsub?


Sorry I couldn’t be more help x


This does actually help, I just have trouble finding the right info to inform me, so thank