Difference in increases- what's your opinion?

Hi Everyone-

I’m increasing on the sleeves of my sweater- the pattern calls for increasing one stitch at each edge, every 4th row. They call for k1f&b. For whatever reason, I am having a difficult time mastering this. I AM able to M1, however. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t use M1 instead of k1f&b? I don’t want to use M1 if it will make a big difference in the outcome, but I am getting frustrated trying to do the k1f&b- I sat in front of my computer last night and watched Amy’s video of it over and over again, each time I had to do an increase, and after 2 increases I counted my stitches and it wasn’t right. I ripped it all back, and am ready to go again today- we are taking the kids to Hershey Park- one hour in the car each way- time I could be knitting, but I can’t if I can’t do the stitch!!! Thanks!!! :wink:

Most people find kf&b easier, that’s all. If you want to do M1 for this type of increase, go for it. It actually will be more invisible than the kf b.

If you think written directions would be easier to follow for f&b, just knit into the stitch as you normally would, but don’t slide it off. Bring your needle between the two ‘legs’ of the stitch and insert it in the hole of the loop. Wrap your yarn and bring it through. Then slide both off.

But in this case, either will work.

Or check out the inc page and see if you like any of the other incs better. :wink: