Difference between wools

What i the difference between Merino wool and Pure wool as far as felting? i mean, would one be softer thn the other or is there no difference?

Merino wool is a “pure” wool, it’s just from a particular breed of sheep. There are several different breeds of merino sheep. Their wool is naturally very fine and soft, which makes for a wonderfully soft 100% wool yarn. Merino will felt, and will produce a lovely soft felted fabric.

There are MANY different breeds of sheep, all producing different kinds of wool fiber. Some are long and wirey, some are short and crinkled, some smooth and glossy, some corse and dull. But out of them all, merino is hailed as the softest wool, suitable for babies and next-to-skin garments.

However, it’s not to be confused with other fibers such as cashmere or mohair, which both come from goats, rather than sheep.

(Ok, I’m showing my wool geekiness again.)

thanks. you answered my question!!! :thumbsup: