Difference between M1 and Inc?


I have been working through a pattern where you have to M1 (make 1) and have been doing this great by picking up the bar/stitch between the needles and kniting into the back. The pattern is now asking me to Inc… I understand this means increase, how does this differ from an M1?

Pattern says…
Inc row: (Inc) to end (24 sts).
How do I do this??
(nb 12 stitches on cast on before the Inc)


First off, usually inc means knitting in front and back of a knit stitch thereby ending up with two stitches with every one you knit (see Amy’s video on increases KFB-knit front back on her free videos to see how it is done if you need to) and if you have 12 stitches on the needle and need to end with 24 then you need to knit in front and back of every stitch on that row.

M1 is a kind of increase. It will work in many cases when an increase is called for. When you have 12sts and need to increase to 24 however, knit front and back is a better option as nonny suggests.

A m1 is one kind of inc that’s done between sts. Kfb is another inc where you knit each stitch twice (in both the front and back legs) and is better for doubling the stitch number.