Difference between dishcloth and washcloth

What exactly IS the difference…is it just the size you make it? What’s the preferred size for the face cloth?
I made dishcloths for Christmas last year, but thought I’d make facecloths this year and give them with either little bars of scented soap or tubes of facial scrub.
I’m planning on using Sugar and Cream/Peaches and Cream (whichever I grab that day - I’ve got lots of leftovers of both), and a very simple pattern. I just need to know how to make them distinguishable from the discloths I gave last year.:blush:

Hi! I just bought some Sugar 'n Cream in the pastel twist colors. I saw a “spa” pattern book for the yarn and it said to cast on 48 stitches on size US8 (I’m using 7’s) and garter-stitch (knit every row) until it is 10 inches long then cast off. The end result is 10 inches squared.
Then I saw another booklet (same yarn) for dishcloths: cast on [U]45[/U] stitches, the rest is the same. So maybe use pastels, or knit the edges in seed-stitch (moss-stitch). Good Luck!


Who says there are no easy answer?:cool:

But seriously-- there is no difference, not even size really. But if you want to make sure the receiver uses them as intended, that bar of nice soap, or wrapping it around a wooden spoon may clarify things. :slight_smile:

I would say the difference is how you want to use it. It would also depend on the pattern, I tend to like to knit “grandma’s favorite washcloth” for the dishes as it seems to be a pretty sturdy pattern and I just knit a leaf pattern for washing my face.

What is “grandma’s favorite washcloth”? I’ve seen a few posts that mentioned it; but, is this a pattern that’s readily available…if it matters, I am not on Ravelry.

Also, when you say that the only difference between a washcloth and dishcloth is the size…I like my washcloths softer than my dishcloths. I really like the Sugar 'n Cream for dishcloths; but, I wouldn’t want to wash my face with it. I think it’s a little rough for that. So, who has a suggestion for what yarn I chould use that would be soft enough for a “facecloth”.


Dishcloth, washcloth are all the same to me. I knit and crochet “dishclothes” and have had people use them ans wash clothes expecially the fancy crochet ones that look like doilies.

I don’t like Sugar and Cream type yarns so I use Tahki Cotton Classic. Yes, it is more expensive, but I just love my dishcloth/washcloths! The color doesn’t fade much if at all, they dry faster and they are so bright and pretty! Just thought I’d share in case anyone else doesn’t like s&c type yarns. :wink:

I noticed the S&C yarns fade fast. I haven’t heard of Tahki though. I’m going to have to check that out.

Here is a link for Grandma’s favorite dishcloth -

Personally I would say the difference between a dishcloth and a washcloth is that a dishcloth is for dishes, and a washcloth is for ppl bathing…

But that is trivial, like bathroom in washroom…I would always consider a bathroom a room with a bathtub (or shower) and a washroom a place to go pee…but really…same difference! Potato, potahto

Here’s a link to the Tahki site.

I get it at my LYS for $6 a hank, but there are cheaper places if you want to shop online.

For me the only difference between a dishcloth and washcloth are the yarns. I’m with those who like S&C for dishcloths but not for faces. I use softer cotton yarns for face cloths.

What beautiful colors they have in the Tahki yarn.

I have made a couple with Sugar & Cream (including the Ballband Dishcloth) that I use for washcloths.

Jan, does the Tahki yarn come out OK with patterns aimed at S&C/P&C? I notice it’s listed as DK, and not worsted like S&C. I like the S&C a lot texture-wise, but it would definitely be nice to have something that didn’t fade so much, especially for gifts.

Has anybody used any of the other cotton yarns–doesn’t Lion have one?

I have used lion brand cotton ease and it seems to be softer, I’ve even made myself a tank out of it. The skeins are also larger than the sugar and cream.

It is DK and it’s a smoother, softer yarn. If you used a worsted pattern it would come out smaller and maybe finer looking. I don’t use my dishcloths for scrubbing, I use them for wiping the counters, tables, stuff like that. For scrubbing I use my nylon scrubby thing which is sturdier than cotton of any type. It’s more expensive, but not prohibitively so give it a try if you’re interested. If you don’t like it for a dishcloth you can use it for a face cloth.

I have used Lion cotton and it felt about the same as S&C to me.

Lionbrand Cotton is 100% cotton and meant to be used just like Sugar and Cream/Peaches and Cream. Cotton-ease is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic, and meant for clothing. Not that what it’s meant for makes any difference, but when it comes to substituting for S & C, you’ll be happier with the results using the Lionbrand Cotton.

I’ve used Lion Band cotton and found it to be a little softer than peaches and cream and sugar and cream. I knitted up a dishcloth & towel set for my MIL.

i only knit face cloths (i tell people they are face cloths (not dish cloths)

I tend to knit them out of nicer cottons (mercerized) or cottons and linens, or soy silk, or bamboo…

but really, i have no control once i give them away… If my friends or DIL use them as dish cloths… well that what they do!

but i only knit face clothes! (i do also knit hand towels, and i have knit bath mats–but not dishcloths!)

i got some knit picks cotlin and that is some soft stuff. I’m goingto knit a pair of fingerless gloves with it.